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You Have to Let it Go

July 30, 2013


At some point our wardrobe tends to get out of hand, meaning we have clothes coming out of every closet, every corner, bins, anywhere we can put them.  At some point, too, it becomes time to go through those clothes and just ween out what stays and what goes.  What becomes the hart part is being able to part with those garments comfortably and not go through an emotional melt down later on.

SAM_0352And I am not just talking about your wardrobe, this includes the enormous number of shoes you may have — that you have collected over a period of time to the point you forget what’s in the boxes.

Are you finding that you are still carrying around clothes from the 70’s and 80’s, or that that size 3 dress you swear you’re going to get into again even though you wear a size 10 now?  Are you still holding on to those shoes that went out when disco died or when we saw the end to the hippie era?  It is true that some styles from way back when are making a huge come back, but there are just those styles that have been buried and have stayed buried because there is just no place for them in today’s golden fashion era.  Letting go becomes the bliss of nightmares because you feel you are letting go a mountain of memories.  That’s what photo albums are designed for.

Put it like this, if you’re in the market for a new wardrobe that includes some of today’s hottest fashions selected from the hottest trends of the season, you don’t want to find yourself incorporating the truly old with the fabulously new.  It just sets the wrong tone for how we see fashion in the new season.

2013 spring/summer season was full of surprises that included the basics of black and white being the talk of the fashion highlight and bold and bright colors climbing the charts with mint green and yellow.

Can you create new trends with your wardrobe of yester-years?  To a degree some old can be made new, but it all depends on the overall condition of the garment.  In other words, if it use to be blue and it looks gray, that’s a sign to let it go and start over fresh.

True some of today’s fashion can be intimidating, but if you stay true to who you are and remain true to your individual style and taste, you will come away with some wonderful pieces your friends and family will love you in.

So, let it go.  Your closet will thank you and your wardrobe will thank you.  Live in what today’s fashion is all about and open your mind and your eyes to something new and different.  You’ll be happy you did.

Style File: René New Style Editor for Affluent Men Lifestyle Luxury Magazine

April 9, 2013

I  have turned the corner in writing for fashion in today’s style for affluent men of expensive taste.  March 2013, I answered an ad to write for a men’s lifestyle magazine.  Who knew that after a couple of phone calls my life would be changed for the most part.

MenStyleFast Lane Luxury Lifestyle Magazine is becoming a household name in my house as I sit down in front of my laptop every evening just about to ponder away at the type of style article I intend to write catered to the affluent man of an exquisite lifestyle and taste.

The magazine focuses on the expensive lifestyle men of affluence tend to lead, and how they flaunt their success through mens of fashion, accessories, and big and fun toys like their cars, yachts, and jets. 

My articles run every Saturday at 3:00 pm.  And what’s fun about it is we all come together as a team to create some exiting reads.  So far you can find two of my articles in the Style section, You Live Big…Dress Big and A Look at Gio Gonzalez’s Apparel Collection.  Check them out!  What’s next on the horizon?  I don’t know, you’ll have to keep tuning in to find out.

This was a great opportunity to really showcase my style blog, Styled By René, a blog all about today’s style; grow its readership, and show my talents for styling both men and women in today’s fashion.

The magazine is what affluent men are about and what men aspire to be.

Style File News: Styled By Rene’ Ready to Take Off

March 13, 2013

If you haven’t had a chance to scamper on over to my newest style blog entitled Styled By Rene’, I recommend you do so :) :).  The month of March is shaping up to be an exciting month for the style blog.  Some amazing things are starting to happen and it’s interesting to how you can have one phone call with someone and from that one call your life is turned around dramatically.

On the calendar for March includes attending the Fashion Weeks LA “L.A. Runway” at the Mansion Hollywood on Thursday, 3/14/13 and the “California Dreaming” on Saturday 3/16/13 in Beverly Hills.  I owe a special thanks to the people who are making it happen, bringing my dreams to reality, Deaqon James and Heathyr Wolfe.  Amazing people who are prominant figures in the industry.  Also, this week, I was named Style Editor of Fast Lane Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, magazine for the man who likes the live hard and play hard, while enjoying the finer things in life.  It just keeps getting better. 

Studio5 will still be hanging around, but the majority of my focus and attention will be on Styled By Rene’ as I work to build my brand, be inserted into my rightful place in the fashion industry, and become a known name in fashion and style.  I will be including more style articles on men’s fashion as it relates to both casual and special events, as living luxuriously.  I will still include my articles for the budget conscience fashion shoppers, but it’s time to step up the Styled By Rene’ blog as it is taken to a new level.

Keep checking back to see what’s going on at Styled By Rene’.   Greater things are about to happen.

Who Wore it Best: Rihanna Copies Look

March 4, 2013

It’s been a seriously long time since I’ve done the “Who Wore it Best” segment.  So, when I was browsing around OMG! Yahoo! last evening, you know I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

FaceoffI love Gwyneth Paltrow, and I like some of Rihanna’s music.  Both are super stars in my book, but let’s keep it real here.  When we talk fashion copycats, you can’t help but to do a line-up comparison to see who donned the frock the best.  Gwyneth Paltrow, seen here rocked her jersey orange crepe dress at a dinner that was given in her honor back in 2011, and just two years later, Rihanna stuns fans with her dress attending a Power 106’s Valentine’s Crush Concert in L.A.

Photo of Gwyneth Paltrow by WireImage and photo of Rihanna 

As much as I love Gwyneth, I have to admit that I thought the shoes were all wrong for the dress, and her hair wasn’t right.  At best, she could have done something more with her hair, un up do, perhaps, or some curls or something — to me her hair just looked flat and boring.  Makeup would have been a huge plus for her instead of the pale, plain look…it would be nice to see some color for a change..just my opinion. 

I didn’t like the shoes, made the dress look prehistoric.  I thought they were too closed-in, just the wrong color and choice for this dress.  Overall the look was way to subtle and didn’t do much to make the dress stand out at all.  The only thing she had going for her was the dress complimented her complexion and she had the right bag with it, and I like the necklace which was nice and simple.

However, Rihanna’s choice of shoes were on point.  I like she didn’t go with a necklace or gaudy accessories, kept it light and simple with the dazzling earrings.  I’m glad she didn’t go with one of her crazy hair styles.  she chose the curled, long hair style, which I always like to see on her, and the right makeup with her fire red lipstick that sets off her skin tone just right.  The look came together that really jazzed up the dress, giving it that sexy appearance. 

I’m glad neither of the ladies went over the top with accessories because this type of dress just doesn’t call for it.  In all honesty, I’d have to say Rihanna wore the dress best {{{giving her 2 thumbs up}}} because she brought some sexiness to it with the strap sandle by Tom Ford and the elegant fur coat; shows us a different side to Rihanna.  Sorry, Gwyneth, it looks like Rihanna rocked this one the best.  To read more about this, check out the Fashion Faceoff article at OMG!  Yahoo!

DIY Sewing Projects: Handmade Skirt that Welcomes the Spring Season

March 4, 2013

If you’re like me, you probably can’t wait until Spring comes, when you can dash out wearing your favorite Spring ensemble, or to wear something you’ve recently purchased and have been waiting for the warmer temperatures when all eyes can be on you.  As some of you know, sewing is one of my hobbies.  I’m not the best at it, but over time I can honestly say I’m getting better.  And trust me, I am one who has no patients and yet, this os one of those things I do as a hobby.

DIY-Spring Skirt2013To kick off the Spring Fling sewing projects, I picked up this pretty floral print pattern from one of the fabric places I go to downtown Los Angeles in the fabric district.  At $3.00 a yard, it was a good buy.  It has a slight stretch to it, which made making the skirt pretty much easy to gauge the right width.  I cut the skirt big, then cut it down to size, which worked out just right.  It has an invisible zipper and split in the back, and a waist band.  The skirt is completely hand stitched because this is just one of those projects to see if I can do a pencil skirt, which is going to be my next project once I purchase the pattern.

The fabric is light-weight, and has a bit of a soft shine to it.  Works well with a medium iron setting (usually the setting for silk).  I ironed out the wrinkles, flattenend the hemline and the waistband, ironed the sides and the pleated areas to give it that smooth appearance.

There are a few areas I need to clean up and do a touchup job on, but other than that, this is one of those projects that came out very, very well.  The pattern I used was Burday Style #8765, currently on sale for $7.46 at

There’ll be more pictures to come showing off a complete Spring ensemble later this week, so stay tuned.

Shoe Review: Avon’s Wedge Boots

February 28, 2013

Wedge boots have really gotten to be popular in the last couple of years, and I’ve seen some dynamite styles and designs that last Christmas I decided I’d get myself a pair, especially when I saw that there was a pair in their books towards the end of the year.  I’d ordered a pair from my neighbor who is an Avon representative.

Avon Wedge Boots2I really liked these boots because of the height of the boot which measures at 15″ tal.  They feature a wave-molded footbed, an adjustable buckle with an elastic panel that stretches.  The boots sits atop a faux-wood-stacked wedge and has a full side zip for easy pulling on especially when worn with my skinny jeans.

The over all style was nice and I liked the look of them, felt the wedge look and height was adequate and could work with many of my jean outfits.  Now for the review…

Wearing the boots:  When I first wore the boots, they rubbed so badly on the side of my big toe on my left foot, that they I ended up with a blister, even though they do not fit tightly on my feet.  I eventually had to start wearing them with thin socks to avoid further blistering.

Craftsmanship:  While I thought the boots were stylish with the simple design, the heal of the wedge was done poorly.   The heel of the wedge was complete rubber, having worn completely away by the second time I wore the boots causing slight damage to the wedge.   I paid $44 and some change for these boots and ended up paying an additional $7.50 to have the wedges completely repaired.  I could have returned the boots altogether because of the defect, but because I really liked them I went ahead and had them repaired, however, I brought this to the attention of my Avon representative who was kind of enough to reimburse me the $7.50 I paid for the repair, and she called Avon the following week to notify them of the problem with the heels of the wedges.

Recommendation:  If you buy these boots, I recommend having the rubber on the heels of the wedges completely replaced.  NOT reinforced, but completely replaced to avoid the headache of having to go and have them completely repaired after you wear them once or twice, which is what they had to do after I wore them the second time.  When the rubber worn away, it left a hole in the bottom of the wedge, where the rest of the rubber had gotten lodged into and some of the wedge had been scraped away because the heals of the wedges was exposed.  This meant the shoe repairman had to even out the wedges in order to put the heel back in place using more sturdier material.  The price for this type of repair may vary depending on where you go, but this is a recommendation I insist on having done if you want to extend the life of these boots.

Avon Wedge BootsWorth the money spent:  In my opinion, and because of the lacking in ensuring durability on the heals of the wedges, they are not worth $59.99.  They are currently on sale for $39.99, which I think is still too high for these boots, based on the problem with the heals of the wedges.  At best, I would say they should be priced below $20 to be fair, especially if there is this defect.

Post repair:  Since I had them repaired, I’ve worn them three times, and so far and they are seeming to hold up very well.

DIY Sewing Projects: Pretty in Lace and Floral Designs

February 28, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve done any new creations.  I thought I would kick off the Spring season with a couple of pieces from Burda Style’s new collection which has gotten me really excited.

117_largeThis comes from their most recent email I received just earlier this week.  My mouth nearly dropped when I saw the beautiful new 11 sewing patterns they have added to their huge selection.

Of the 11 sewing patterns this one is my ultimate favorite, and one of the best they’ve had.  The shirt is a cotton lace that has to have equal scalloped edges, and the skirt is a floral gabardine.  For all you sewing gurus, you know that gabardine is a stretch fabric.

You may say it’s time to hit up my fabric guy downtown Los Angeles in the fabric district to see what kind of floral print he has and hopefully he carries gabardine and lace like this or similar to what you see in the picture.

The tools I’ll need to get the project going are one invisible zipper for the skirt and Duchesse  bias tape for the shirt.  I’m going to start with the skirt first.  In making the skirt I’ll have to allow enough room for my hips, although the fabric is stretch, it’s important to leave just enough room so it is not tight at the waist and hip areas.  I’ll make the shirt after the skirt because the shirt will call for a lot of time and concentration where the directions have to be followed precisely, especially this being my first shirt made of this type.

Stay tune as I debut the outfit in weeks to come.


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