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High Heels: Satin High Heels, 6 1/2 Inches of Pure Lust

October 9, 2014

shoes-heels-rk-manolawhite shoes-heels-rk-manolawhite_3A shoes-heels-rk-manolawhite_1 shoes-heels-rk-manolawhite_2










I am what you would call a sucker for a hell of a pair of high heels shoes.  I grew up wearing lace high heels, Mary Jane high heels, wedges, you name it, I probably wore it.  So, it’s no surprise that when I saw these bad ass 6-inch satin high heels with the rhinestone decor, my mouth dropped.

When I took them out of the box, I was every bit intimidated because they look just as they do on the website at  They dress up your feet with with the right amount of elegance, making sexy look better than it’s ever looked in all your years of wearing high heels.

Satin on the right pair of high heel shoes is very chi-chi.  You can’t get away with dressing these babies down because they are just too hot to trot.  Step out the house wearing these with a hot sexy sequined top, a killer pair of jeans, or a fitted dress, you are bound to turn head and cause a few accidents.  Throw in a blazer from H & M and you’ve the right tone to an amazing trend that all  the ladies will admire you for.

About the shoes:  These sexy high heels are fashioned with a classic design that keeps on giving to the fashion industry.  Forever keeping the era of high heel shoes booming and transforming.  They deliver a scoop vamp, stitched detailing, semi point front, rhinestone decor, slip on, smooth lining, and cushioned footbed.   The height of the heel is set approximately at 6 1/2 inches with a near 2 1/2 inch hidden platform.  They are not for the faint at heart so it is highly recommended that you need to be experienced in walking in high heels of this capacity or you can definitely find yourself becoming one with the pavement.

Craftsmanship:  The overall design of the shoes is dead on.  They meet with the specifications of what I’m looking for in an event high heels and they set the right tone.  They don’t crunch my toes, they are not too tight,   One thing I would have done is secured the rhinestone decor a little better for a more permanent stay.  Otherwise they are beautiful shoes.  Because the height of the heel and platform, they carry a weight.  You will have to be a professional at wearing these.  There is nothing sexy about face planting yourself because you had no idea on how to wear them.

I grabbed these up during  50% sale they had a couple of weeks ago.  You can still get them for $27.99 during their 40% sale they have going on now.


Children: Kidz Unlimited…The Fashion…The Journey

September 9, 2014

To all my readers, I want to step away from fashion and entertainment for a moment and draw your attention to a cause I believe is much more worthy of a mention.  My dearest friend, Deborah Bakaimani, whom I have known for about 30 years.  As a mom, she has thrived to give her children the best home environment any child could ask for, and now as a grandma, she has more than stepped up to the plate to provide that same environment, equipped with true love and dedication, and devotion from the heart and soul.

Deboroah has stepped up her journey in life by forming Kidz Unlimited, which she is the CEO.


The Mission:


Kidz Unlimited commits to offering children in under-served areas the opportunities they need to reach their fullest potential. We will do this by helping children develop the necessary academic and social tools, along with a strong sense of values and character, within an atmosphere of love and nurturing.  The main principles of Kidz Unlimited are: academics, character development and self-discipline along with building a healthy sense of self esteem. By being in the community, we are able to identify the needs of the children that we want to reach. As a result, our staff and volunteers can be very specific in helping OUR children.

These principles are supplemented with Family programs, guest speakers, field trips and more. It is important to expose OUR children to other opportunities in their environment that will help evoke a sense belonging and set a solid foundation for success.  We want to help give children a vision that will set a path for continued education, enrichment and success.

This is an amazing opportunity for children who are in the foster care system, living in homeless shelters, and in underserved neighborhoods to get the help and support they fairly need, become involved in activities that offer life lessons, and for those to have an opportunity to give back to the community through various contributions.

WE NEED YOUR HELP.  On November 8, Kidz Unlimited will be hosting its first children’s fashion show.  She’s got a good team on board to help with the setup of the event, and I have been called in at this time to help find and secure a venue, which we have — The Think Tank Gallery, downtown Los Angeles.  We have people donating clothes for the kids that they will also be able to keep at the conclusion of the event, and we have a major network waiting in the wings for the green light to move forward with the help they are going to provide.

We need your donations to first help kick off the organization and to second, help support the full coordination and success of the event.  This is for the children and all donations received will go to support the organization and all events and activities created within the programs provided.   The children’s fashion show event will provide activities, food and snacks, there will be entertainment, and we hope to have a mini red carpet event before and after the fashion show, and a runway runner designed by and for the kids.  Ages of participants is 2 – 21.  There will be activity tables and lots of fun in store.  This will not be your usual fashion show.  This will be a kids fun day with some amazing fashion designers.

As a mom myself, I understand the importance of helping our local children who are at risk in some form or another.  We owe it to them to be able to provide an environment they can feel comfortable in and have the resources available they can utilize.  Which is why I am so proud to be apart of an amazing event, as well as support my long-time friend with such a wonderful cause.

Your donations will help build his organization with a worthy cause to much more that children and parents will be grateful for.

If you are interested in making a donation to this organization for this event, send your emails to  Tell her Rene’ Sent you.

High Heel Shoes: The Qupid Must Haves

August 31, 2014

Just because summer is winding down, fashion continues to heat up.  When you talk about high heel shoes, we all know they are a girls best friend.  And since it’s been a while since I’ve stepped into the high heel zone, I thought I would scour the internet to see what’s the latest in high heel fashion.

So, I have always been a fan of Qupid shoes.  Talk about some of the most amazing styles you have ever seen, and they never seem to disappoint in having something for every woman with different taste in styles.

I have been in and out shoe stores and after having been in and out of DB Shoes for over a dozen times, I have come across these two delicious favorites that just keep sticking out in my mind.

pinch01_nudeside_1024x1024PINCH-01 N-4First up, the Qupid Pinch-01 Textured Peep Toe Stiletto Platform in Nude or more like blush.  My boyfriend can tell you, the first time I saw them I thought I was going to just melt all over the place.  Talk about a sexy shoe!  But they are not for the faint at heart!  You have to be an expert to walk in them.

I remember when I tried them on and strut my stuff up and down the isle, other women were like, “You can really walk in those?”  I was already wearing a pair of 6-inch high heel shoes from having just gotten off work.  They are comfortable, and look good with the right outfit.

QupidPinch-01-Nude1The craftsmanship of these shoes makes for an incredible night out on the town.  You can create a dynamite polished.  These high heels are stunning in their high platform and 6-inch heel.  Equipped with a textured leatherette material and peep toe atop a 6-inch stiletto heel.  The insole is a cushioned padding.

The workforce interviewing attire has changed dramatically thanks to today’s younger generation who have changed the game of what we wear altogether.  Platforms, if you will recall, are synonymous to the adult entertainment industry, and for a long time had no real place in the corporate world.  Shoe designers have stepped up their game and challenged the fashion industry to create designs that would work for the office as well as for going on that important interview.  It’s all about how you dress them up to give them their flair and make it work all the way around.

HM-CreamPantsI would wear these with my cream pants from H&M.  They have a short underlining, they are an airy polyester and spandex blend with a hook and eye closure.  They have a beautiful flow and an amazing length.  I’m short, so the length of my pants have to come down to my feet, past my ankles and heels.  If they hit the floor, even better, it’s an excuse to wear my sexy and stylish high heels with a 5- to 6-inch high heel.

You can create a fabulous ensemble for an interview.  These pants with the shoes, and a nice silk or satin top, with a pink tweed blazer.  Voila and you’re ready for the interview.  It’s a spring/summer ensemble that is sure to catch the attention of your interviewer.  And if you do’t get the job, at least they will remember what you wore.

In today’s workforce, it’s not so much about the power suit anymore, even though it still speaks volumes, color has been added to the game.  Nothing wrong with being daring, as long as you’re tasteful and stylish about it.

The Quipid Pinch-01 also comes in white, black, and yellow.

Next up, the Qupid Neon Yellow high heels.  Once again I’d been going in and out of shoe stores looking for the best yellow shows on the the market.  I’d been on and off online shoe sites, and after visiting DB Shoes, I came across these which I find very exquisite and sexy.

Yellow is in this season and is topping the charts in the best color choice of the spring/summer season.

QupidNeonYellow1Double ankle buckles, hidden platform, six-inch stiletto heel, net mid section, and padded cushion.  Definitely the heard turner and crowd pleaser.  You are going to be the talk of the town in these.

Bright colors are an amazing way to dress up some dark ensembles.  Even the patterned and print designs can be coordinated by neon brights.  It’s all about how you do it and what makes it work.

Now here’s the thing about these, the way they are made, you have to be able to wear them.  They fit best with someone with a narrow foot because they can be uncomfortable for someone who has a wide foot.  I recommend trying them on to get a good feel for them.  Try a half size larger or half size smaller to see what works best aside from your actual size.

For the Qupid Pinch-01, I can wear a 6 1/2 while my actual size is a size 7.  In these Neon Yellow, the size 7 is comfortable for me.  The 6 1/2 fits too snug while the 7 1/2 is a little too big.

QupidNeonYellow3There are different styles of yellow shoes, but I am drawn to these because of the double ankle buckle, the net decor, and the stiletto heel.

What to wear them with?  Oh, let me tell you, I have this sexy stripped top I purchased about two years ago to wear with a pair of my jeans.  It was during the summer and I had just started working at USC at the time.

1001051066520035_001You can’t tell me these shoes won’t work with this top.  Throw in a pair of skinny jeans, and you’ve got the perfect ensemble, especially if you’re stepping out for the evening with the girls.

I was wearing my fuscia Carlos Santana slip-ons with this top, but decided that yellow would work best for these in bringing up the colors.

I have a pair of yellow sandals, but they are old and the wear and tear has finally started to set in.  Desperately in need of some new kicks, and I have my sights set on these.

The best thing about shoes is that they never really go out of season regardless as to how often they change.  The rules have changed, too, with regards to what we wear and when we wear it.  Again, it’s all about how you wear it and coordinate it.

If you are a Qupid fan, then you know what I am talking about.  There are a lot to choose from.  Right now these are my favorites and this seasons must haves.  I hope to get my hands on them before year end.

The Holiday Season is really not that far off, so if you like these pay attention to where you can get them and the price you pay for them.  You may be able to find them both at DB Shoes or online shoe sites.  Right now they are both selling for below $30.  I purchased the top from Rainbow Stores, at the time it as about $12.99 or so.  The pants shown are from H&M and are $34.99.  If you don’t find them in the store, you can find them online.  The largest size I have found is 14.  They are beautiful, but sorry ladies, you won’t find them larger than that.  I got them in size 14 and wear a body suit for a comforting fit. ;)

The photos of the Neon Yellows are from AddShop.Today, and the Qupid Pinch-01 are from UrbanOG.

These are my Qupid must haves.  What are your?

Hair: Relaxing Your Hair After Using Clairol Textures & Tones

August 24, 2014

I am happy that the post I did on Clairol Textures & Tones is still being read to this day.  It is one of my favorite hair dye products on the market.  If I were to dye my hair now, that’s the product I’d use specifically because it is designed for women of color.  How sweet is that?

I am often asked via online and through emails if you can relax your hair after using this product.  This post is actually a response to one of my readers who asked this same question.  I am reposting my response because I want to spread the word that you can relax your hair after you dye your hair using the Clairol Texture & Tones.  In fact, I believe it was designed for that particular purpose.   However, contrary to popular belief, it is highly recommended that you wait at least two full weeks and one shampoo and conditioner. If you wanted to wait three to four weeks, that would be OK, too. What does this mean? It means you wait the ideal number of weeks and after you have washed and conditioned your hair at least once.

Ladies, if this is your first time relaxing your hair at home, I can understand why it would seem like a scary process going into it.  You don’t know what to expect.  There are harsh chemicals involved and it can go wrong in so many ways (i.e., failing to do a strand test and discovering you have sensitive skin, leaving the relaxer on too long and burning your scalp, not applying enough relaxer, not leaving it in long enough, etc.).  It’s like following a complex cooking recipe where you have to follow the instruction precisely as they are written.   Therefore, you will want to arm yourself with some really good products that will serve as tools to keep your hair strong and healthy, as well as a really good flat iron for good end results, and scissors designed for trimming hair only — salon style.

Hair7-22-14I have been wearing relaxers since I was a teenager and I have had my share of damaged hair, so I will be coming to you speaking from experience.  It takes work and time to keep up a relaxer, especially if your hair is dyed, too, the work seems doubled, and developing a good hair care regimen that you keep up with on a regular and dedicated basis is important, so think hard about this going in.  Do you want to add the extra step?  Do you want to put in the time it takes?  Let me tell you that your hair will love you back if you practice good hair care on the regular.

First of all, you have to ask yourself is your skin too sensitive for a relaxer? OK, you’ve dyed your hair…no skin irritation there, but what about with a relaxer? This being your first relaxer (if this is your first time), you will have to do a strand test. Which takes me to my next point. There are different relaxer products on the market. Some are better than others, and there are those that shouldn’t even be on the market based on the horror stories I’ve heard, and what I experienced.  I recommend a no lye relaxer.  Bottom line is, you still have to do a strand test according to the directions provided.

qp-elasta-new-lookMy relaxer product of choice is Elasta QP Creme Relaxer – Regular/Normal (with no lye). It is a cream base relaxer.  Comes in a simple black and white jar with a green design — just for color and update of the jar…nothing fancy there — I have been using this product for over 20 years and refuse to use anything else.

Elasta QP has a before and after product renamed to the Elasta QP Before and After Protein Complex. This is good for pre and post relaxer. I use it on my hair religiously when I am relaxing my hair at home.  I spray it on, blow dry it into my hair, wait about five to ten minutes, then I apply a protective oil around the edges of my scalp and ears (vaseline works just fine), then apply my Elasta QP Creme Relaxer, done within the time allowed for my hair (work as quickly as possible to avoid burns to your scalp and damage to your hair).

Elast QP’s product line has expanded over the years, therefore, there are lots to choose from, especially their shampoo and conditioner for relaxed hair.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to find all of the products in one place, so getting them online is probably how you’ll get the best ones you’re looking for.  And good look in finding the Before and After Protein Complex…that is one product that is hard to find.

When you relax your hair it is recommended to use a neutralizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner, and if you can find it, use the Elasta QP Before and After Protein Complex (like I said before, it is hard to find) before you condition your hair…leave it in for about five or ten minutes, rinse, then apply conditioner and leave it in 10 – 15 minutes.  NOTE:  You can use a wide tooth comb to comb through if you like.

Because I tend to wash my hair in the shower, I leave the conditioner in for about 15 minutes, and rinse it out after I am done with my shower.  If you have a leave in conditioner that you like, you can use that, too.  Nothing wrong with a double conditioner as long as you’re not over doing it.  But you want to protect your hair at all times, of course.  Relaxing your own hair is serious business and you will need to have all the right products in doing so.

300Be sure that when you press out or flat iron your hair (I recommend flat ironing) use a good heat serum, and a light oil to keep your scalp from being dry.  I don’t recommend a heavy oil, unless your hair drinks it up.  It weights my hair which I don’t like.

Pure coconut oil is a good and light oil that I tend to prefer to use when it comes to my ends, and it’s inexpensive at the local beauty supply; and Palmer’s Gro Therapy Olive Oil Formula is another good one, especially for the scalp and can be good on the ends.

ALWAYS…ALWAYS get a good trim (and not a botched trim) after you do a relaxer. That can affect how your hair looks and performs in growth.  I don’t know about some of you, but I think my hair has a mind of its own and knows when something’s not right because I can’t get it to do anything, especially if I wait too long to retouch my relaxer and if I don’t get a trim.

Getting regular trims will keep your ends from splitting badly and your hair from breaking off.   Use a light oil on the ends (the coconut oil or the Palmer’s Gro Therapy I mentioned).  If you don’t get a trim after each relaxer, be prepared…your hair will let you know exactly what can happen.

HairProgress2014Again, practice good hair care to keep your hair from suffering, your hair will love you back.  Don’t stress your hair by using daily heat if you can help it…tie your hair up at night in away so all you have to do is get up the next day and comb and go.

My hair has recovered from the damage and is doing nicely.  I had my hair cut back in 2012 because it was damaged…careless hair care on my part and I paid the price.  Plus that was a period where I stayed angry a lot and my hair and weight suffered.  I can’t emphasize it enough about practicing good hair care.  The risks are greater than you can expect when relaxing dyed hair — especially if you’ve never done it before.

Wash your hair every one to two weeks.  Retouch your relaxer every 6 to 8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.  I tend to wait 8 to 10 weeks at the most.  Anything beyond the 10 week mark and my hair is not holding a press or a flat iron, and there frizzes everywhere…true signs that my relaxer needs to be redone.   Some women I know retouch their relaxer short of six weeks because their hair grows just that fast, so it depends on how fast your hair grows.  I still say wait at least 8 weeks.  What’s an extra two weeks, right?

If you are still not comfortable with relaxing your own hair at home, I strongly recommend finding yourself a really good hair stylist who is a well known professional in relaxing hair. Someone who has good experience with working with chemicals, who has excellent results, and gives excellent trims.  In other words, they take pride in their work and leave you looking beyond fabulous. You don’t want to go to someone who has no true experience in relaxing hair.  So search very carefully.  And check prices, too.  Sometimes a high priced hair stylist doesn’t always mean an experienced stylist who can do hair.  Been there, done that, too.

If the whole process has got you thinking twice, and you are located in Los Angeles, I can hook you with my hair stylist who has been doing my hair for some years now.  I have followed her to three salon locations, that’s how good she is.  Actually, when I am left to do my relaxer at home, I do my hair  based on how she does my hair.  I do my hair at home usually when I am low on funds :) and I know some of you can relate.

I am always happy to share my hair journey and experience.  I hope this information is helpful.  I always welcome feedback and look forward to hearing about other hair journeys and experiences.  Feel free to email me at with more questions about relaxing hair, if you have stories and/or pictures to share, if you’re looking for the right products, or if you just want to tell me how it went with relaxing your hair for the first time.  I’d love to hear from you.

Updated September 1, 2014.

Events: The 424 Beverly Hills Experience

August 11, 2014

424 Beverly Hills

If you’ve been to Beverly Hills, then you already know it’s well known for its expensive style, taste and way of lifestyle for the rich and famous.  That goes the same for its nightlife.  424 (formerly the Confidential) delivers a prime location for hosting your party of choice in the heart of upscale Beverly Hills.  Under new management, these guys are dedicated to giving you your moneys worth.  Turning the club into the party place you are looking for.

Whether you want to have a Sweet 16 birthday party, a bachelorette party, or whether you have a corporate event you want to host, a cocktail party, a reception, or the favorite all black or all white parties, 424 can deliver it with 5,000 square feet for you to choose how to transform.  It also features a full kitchen and front and back bars.

424 Venue Pics

I attended the California Dreaming fashion show put on by Interpix Fashion Live in 2013 during LA’s Fashion Week.  It was an event I will always remember because the designers were dynamic, the models were amazing, and the even itself was well put together.   The club was packed to capacity, photographers everywhere (including me), and at the end of the show, after the red carpet picture opportunities, the club opened up for a time of dancing well into the late night hours.

This is why you should book your next event at 424.  Working with me and the owners, I can coordinate your special event with you and ensure you have an experience of a lifetime.  And I will be there the time of your event to make sure you and your guests are accommodated.

Summer is winding down and I know some of you may be getting ready for your year end events.  Let 424 be the place where you get turnt up!  Or if you are on a more professional level and have a corporate event you want to book, not to worry, we have you covered.

Contact me at to book your next event or if you have questions and would like more information.

Don’t delay.  424 is in a prime location, the heart of Beverly Hills.  Get on the books for your next event now.

Entertainment: Introducing the Musical Stylings of Belbel

August 9, 2014

Belbel Violets

For the first time, At Studio5 is proud to feature the lyrically poetic soul of today’s rising pop star, Belbel.  Her musical stylings is definitely making a name for herself in the pop genre with her video debuting the single, Violets, that comes jam packed with a powerful message.  She is a clever, talented songwriter as well as a creative genius.

Belbel, born Isabelle Rich, comes from Melbourne, Australia with a strong voice that lets you know she is fierce.  Her single, Violets, displays her strength, life, truth, and emotions, and the journey she is on.  The depthness of the video and the message it is portraying falls in line with her lyrics.  I was completely blown away.

She is poetic in her storytelling and how it relates to her experience growing up and speaks volumes in every word she sings.  The video in its production delivers creativity that presents originality speaking to the heart, mind and soul.  Photo from the Official Instragram Page.

The Melbourne singer was born to an academic family of high achievers where the career of Arts was pretty much absent from her upbringing.  At 16 she already knew what she wanted to and where she wanted to.  Caught in social isolation, it was enough to sway her career choice.  At 18  she is exploring the world from her own perspective.  Many girls her age can relate to the way she grew up.  Not wanting to live up to the norm of today’s society, but exploring the opportunity to be one’s own person, live one’s own life and do what feels right.  And seeing the Arts as a career and a pathway to the life chosen.

Belbel’s path is guiding her where she wants to be in this life, delivering lyrical talents and a strong creative spirit as she takes this journey.  At Studio5 couldn’t be more delighted to be asked to feature this talented young artist as she represents a genre that continues to reach new heights.

Visit the Official Belbel Music Page to read her story and her journey.  Keep coming back stay up to date with the release of her new upcoming EP, and be sure check out these links below to follow Belbel.

ITunes AUS
ITunes outside of AUS
Twitter: |

People: Babs on Instagram Excites Fans

August 7, 2014

a2b8d680-1e35-11e4-ab16-1f37945ea0d7_babsFunny Girl star, Barbra Streisand, takes to social media by posting her first picture on Instagram, with over 12,000 followers, or should I say fans flocking to the site to show their support, remembering precious moments, it is a reminder how well she is still loved and admired.  The Hollywood legend is looking as good as ever in her age of 72.  She definitely wears her age well, looking younger than she appears.  Picture from Yahoo! Celebrity.

In a today’s edition of Yahoo! Celebrity, Barbra Streisand, known to many as Babs, is joined with her pup, Samantha.  No denying that she just loves her very much.  Babs is best known for other rememberable roles on screen, Yentl, The Way We Were, and my all time favorite, A Star is Born.  She was funny in Meet the Fockers, too.  And don’t forget she was on one or two South Park episodes. :)

I remember growing up, weekend morning you could here Barbra Streisand music playing and my mom singing to them.  My mom has a nice voice, too bad she never got to use her singing talents as well as she did her cooking talents.


So what is Barbra Streisand up to these days?  In February she spoke out on heart disease on the TODAY show.  And I pay homage to a rememberable speech she gave at the 75th Academy Awards.  Social media is another check on her list of things to do when she is not enjoying time at home with Samantha, out and about, reminding us of the legend she truly is.

Keep up with Babs on her official site at and her Instagram.  And on the Streisandofficial page as well.


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