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Stye File News: The Baroque Print Blouse…My New Must Have

February 10, 2019


Today in Style File News I share my new must have is a vintage print that has actually been around for ages, but has a modern twist to its look with so many styles to choose from.  I love that this style is showing some edge and has an elegant look and feel to it.

The cool thing about it is, you can find it via a designer brand or at a cost that won’t break the bank.

ConfessionalPrintedShirt2I was deeply inspired to go on the hunt for a top like a similar style by the Real House Wives of Beverly Hills.  Because I loved the combination of colors, the vintage look it has, and I loved the neckline and buttoned down look.

BaroquePrintShirt6Ok…Call me old fashion, but when I finally binge watched the 2018 season of the Real House Wives of Beverly Hills and saw Erika was wearing the Versace designed blouse I was fortunate to find on Big Blonde Hair you know I actually had to  go on the hunt to find one similar to it because now that particular shirt is no longer sold…not like I could have afforded it anyway…but it was nice to actually find one similar to it and not break the bank in doing so.  And if you know Versace’s designs, its not hard to spot it from a distance.

BaroquePrintShirt5Describe as a polyester broadcloth fabric, this vintage style blouse as a sense of class and style to your wardrobe.   It has a turned down collar, button down, long sleeves with buttons.  I am quite the fashionista when it comes to the office attire and after hours style.

BaroquePrintShirt7Round hem bottom makes it possible to wear tucked in or untucked.  I’d like to wear it untucked.

So, let’s talk about how I would dress up this pretty piece.  For starters, I would wear a soft pair of black pants.  Particularly the ones I have from H&M.  It gives it a soft and even flow.  Or if I wanted to take one step further, I would wear my Calvin Klein black straight leg high waist pants with the zipper pockets.

Classic Pump1With either of the pants style, I would no doubt wear a black high heel classic pointed toe pump to spice up the look.

I personally would not wear a capris pants because of my height, and I would not wear any other color pants or shoes with this top because I think the black tones sets it off just nice.  It’s all about coordination in this aspect because everything needs to flow and blend just right.  If I had to go with another color in pants, I would go with white pants and a pair of white sling back high heel shoes to keep with the modern/vintage look.

Any time you choose a top of this magnitude, you have to coordinate with the main color of the top and work off that color to get a well coordinated ensemble.


Beauty: Makeup For the Woman Over 50

February 3, 2019

Beauty02.03.19I am going to be honest here….I have shied away from wearing full makeup for years only because I was never sure how to put it on myself…and do it correctly.  If wanted professional looking makeup, I went out to major department stores to have it done, then I was golden afterwards.

Truth is, too, I always don’t have a lot of time to sit down and read books, look at tutorials (but thank God for YouTube), and just spend time putting it on.  So, even though I have tons of makeup, which I run through it and check for old stuff to throw out and replace with new stuff, I just never had the time to put it on let alone learn how to.

With recent changes in my life in the last three years, I’m finding time to do a lot of things.  Becoming a widow and a grandma has totally changed my perspective on life and how I approach and do things.  Even how I see my job and how it impacts my day to day way of life.  With that being said, I’ve gone back to my makeup bags…yes bag is plural because I have just that much organized into its own categories…and I’ve decided to go through each piece to see what I actually have and what look I want to go with.

So, this is for the ladies 50 and over looking for a new dynamic look.  I know turning 50 for some of you is like a real shock.  Some of you are probably wondering what now?  Let me tell you, when I turned fifty in 2017 I had a streaked blonde extensions, that had heads turning like you wouldn’t believe.  I couldn’t go out and buy alcohol without being asked to show my driver license.  That was the start of me becoming more acquainted with wearing my makeup.

Don’t think it’s the end of the world just because you’ve hit the big five-O, or you’re just months or weeks away from it, think of it as the new 20’s (or new 30’s — however you want to see it).  It’s an amazing time in your life to shine, be fabulous, look glamorous, take this time to drop some weight if you desire to do so, enjoy life a little more.  That’s what I am doing while being a grandma and a widow.  Life has not stopped, it’s just getting better.

OK…so, the other day I went on to YouTube to see what new makeup tutorials are out there and I found one by Petite Sue, which I think is probably one of the best makeup tutorials I have seen for someone who practically revisiting this subject again like it’s my first time.  It’s is beginner friendly, and she explains each step clearly as she goes along.

Let me walk you through it the way I learned it (because you can practically learn this easily while following along the video)….

Take a look at my picture there.  Notice how the look is polished even with the editing, that’s because the makeup itself is not heavily applied.

Starting the Look:  What I discovered years back is to first start off with a clean, exfoliated face…basically wash your face thoroughly.  This is ideal for when you apply the foundation.  Having a clean face makes it look smooth and polished.  OK….once I have cleaned my face thoroughly, I applied my eye liner on the lower lid of my eyes.  I always do this first when I am messing around in my make up.  You can also moisturize your face prior to applying the foundation…that’s totally up to you, but I don’t usually.  I leave that for after I’ve removed the makeup at the end of the day.

Next, I use Maybelline Super Stay Multi-Use Foundation Stick.  I like this foundation because I can take it along with me in my makeup bag in my purse, touch up my makeup throughout the day without having a huge mess.  GO MAYBELLINE for putting this on the market.

OK…So with my multi-use foundation stick I first created a T-pattern in my T-zone area, which is down the center of my face, under my eyes, then I put a line across my forehead and one down each of side of my face.  Each line is evenly placed to ensure a nice even blend.  Using the sponge side of my multi-use foundation stick I took my time and blended in the foundation so that my face looks evenly blended.

Once my foundation was completed and nicely blended, I prepare to apply the eye shadow.  Remember that if you’re going to wear eyeliner on the lower lids of your eyes, apply that before applying the foundation.  Saves on the mess and having to clean your hands from the foundation.

What I did was use a make up base on my eyes for the eye shadow, which is exactly what the tutorial said to do.  Using my finger, I put enough drops to dab just enough to cover my eyelids and just under my eyebrows.  It’s going to look very light in it’s application, but that’s OK — that’s the way it’s supposed to look.  When you do it, you will be bringing it down with your powder.  Now…and this is something I never thought to do before…I got a lightly damp sponge applicator and just lightly blended in the base evenly.


I use Maybelline Fit Me #360 powder with a fresh sponge applicator to go over the base I had just applied (I also have the liquid foundation Fit Me #360 as well, but I did not use that for this look).  After I was sure I had on just the right amount of the powder, I went on to my color pallet.  For this next step you can use an eye shadow applicator or you can use a makeup brush.  I used a makeup brush.

I like the idea of starting with a red or berry color going over the area where I applied the powder (but you can play around with color choices if you like). Now how much eye shadow is applied is totally up to you.  For me I kept it light so that it would not be too apparent when I applied the remainder of my eye shadow.  Next, I used a white matte eye shadow starting at the corner inside of my eye lid working my way to the center.  I took a light beige and starting from the outer area of my eyes working it towards the center.  Once both eye shadows are applied evenly to both eyes, I blended them in using a blending brush to create a natural blended look.

Finishing the Look:  I finished my look with a top black eye liner thinly applied to the top eye of my eyes and mascara.  On my lips I used Katy Kat lip gloss #Taby Tease over a Black Berry #714046 lip liner.  My eyebrows were done using a multi-purpose 3-in-1 brow pencil by Nyx.  I like this brow tool because it’s a pencil, powder, and mascara for your eye brows.  I picked up this great find at Ulta.

NOTE:  You can use eye lashes instead if you don’t want to use mascara.  I recently purchased L’Oreal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise.  There was a sale on Amazon where you could get 2 for under $12.00.  It is supposed to be smudge-free.  I’m all for a smudge-free mascara.  I gave the other one to my daughter, who is a bride-to-be.

One thing I like to add after I’ve applied all of my makeup is the Physician’s Formula Multi-Colored Bronzer Powder Palette 3E.  It adds a nice soft glow that is not too over powering, but to me it packs everything together.  This is one product I stay stocked up on.  Keep in mind that it is pricey, usually costing between $11.50 and $14.00 depending on where you purchase it.  And because it’s pricey, I tend to use it sparingly, at the same time I try to buy one every three months just to keep it on hand.

If you are new to wearing makeup, pick and choose what works best with your skin tone (your complexion).  Make sure the foundation you select matches your complexion perfectly.  You want to avoid those that are too light and too dark.

You can purchase the items I used or similar items from Walmart, Ulta, Fred Meyers, Walgreens or Rite-Aid.  Be prepared to spend anywhere between $45 and $70 if you buy them all at once including makeup brushes.  Complete eye shadow pallets can be found online on, Ross Stores, or any one of the stores I just mentioned.  One recommended must-have is a retractable makeup brush.  I will feature that item in my next blog post.  It’s a brush you can’t leave the house without — perfect for touching up your make up especially if you wear powders and/or bronzers.

In my next blog posts, I will post the names and pictures of all of the products I used to complete my look, and I’ll talk about the best way to remove the makeup using the best products on the market that are not expensive.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Stay Beautiful…

Fashion: The New Design Studio

February 3, 2019

Little Valentines Day DressLet me draw your attention to the new Design Studio.  Keep stopping by this page to see new items for sale.

There will be featured Tunic Pants Sets for the Spring/Summer 2019 season, so stay tuned for that.

I am super excited this year about the direction AtStudio5 is going. So much to do, learn, explore, and pursue. As I create the Design Studio for the blog and future hosted website, I am embarking on what I have always wanted to.

The key to the success of this venture will be not giving up, accepting failure and learning from that experience to further grow and pursue new opportunities, and hopefully from this I can finally create my magazine.

On the Design Studio, in addition to the cute mini dress will be my featured Tunic Pants Sets for the Spring/Summer 2019 season, so stay tuned for that as I have already began buying inventory for those.

51413069_10217069447905049_8736341669114281984_nIf some of you are following my Facebook page, AtStudio5, you will know that I am putting my two piece ensemble up for sale. The price is the same, $65 plus shipping. I am especially proud of this ensemble because it came out so beautifully.   Do I anticipate making another one like this?  Absolutely!!! I am loving what I do and am inspired to perfect my craft.

I plan to take more professional pictures of my pieces to be able to display them in a more organized portfolio and online.  At some point I want to prepare for a show, starting with my white collection which I am slowly working on.  It’s a labor of love I do not want to rush, and currently seeking new ideas to add as I go along.

I am also incorporating crocheted sweaters to my portfolio.  Starting with the oversized sweater I am making for my daughter.  Stay tuned for that as I am working around the clock to complete.  I may have an order for a cold shoulder sweater, which I am excited about making, so stay tune for that as well.

With all that said, join me in making 2019 a huge success for AtStudio5.

Updated 02/10/19


Fashion & Spring/Summer 2019: What’s New

February 3, 2019

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  I’m glad to see my readers are still stopping by to see what’s the latest at At Studio5.  A lot’s been going on, working two jobs, trying to find a platform for my fashion line and working around the clock to get it recognized.

So, I’ve quit one job which was my part time, but just learned recently that my temp job (after being there almost a year) is about to end March 31, 2019 if not sooner as a result of the buy out that was completed last November.

I’m not as bummed as I thought I would be as this was expected long before it was announced.  I’ve been through this type of situation before when Bank of America sold its securities department back in 1996, but I was a full time permanent employee then.

Well, the show must go on and I must maintain the flow of creation and not be discouraged.

What’s new with AtStudio5?  Fashion, women’s and men’s lifestyle, beauty, health, all that is inspired by how we live and see our lives as we grow as is individuals.  I am adding an online design studio to make available for sale creations I make.  There will also be a gallery for viewing.

51413069_10217069447905049_8736341669114281984_nTo kick off this project, I am designing a line of tunic pants sets for the Spring/Summer 2019 season.  I’ve recently completed a winter tunic pants set (shown), which I am so proud of because it came out so beautifully.  This was a personal challenge because I’ve stepped into doing something I’ve never done before.  The process was time consuming because it was a matter of getting everything lined up nicely, cut to precise measurements, using bias tape correctly, and making sure the sleeves and the hems were done to perfection.

I learned how to put in pockets the correct way.  Let me tell you something, I’ve been sewing by hand since I was 15 years old.  I’ve only stated using a sewing machine in the last year, so this was definitely a challenge — stepping out of my comfort zone.

If you don’t put the pockets in correctly, you can very well plan on taking out the stitch do it the right way.  You have to have patience otherwise it becomes a complete mess.

51061449_10217069448105054_8317279111588347904_nThe trim on the neckline was an extra added touch to add a nice embellishment.   I have never worked with something like this, so I was not sure how it would come out.  Ordinarily you are supposed to hand stitch something like this, but I was curious of sewing it on would be better.

To my surprise, and after going very slowly in the process, I sewed it on and it came out very nicely.  There were no issues whatsoever.  If anyone likes this particular style and is interested in purchasing a set like this one in this color, email me at and provide your email address to include your measurements.  All orders must be pre-paid before they set can be made.

My Spring/Summer sets will have the option of being sleeveless, short sleeves, or long sleeve with chiffon sleeves in these colors (shown above).  The top will be floral and the pants will be white with pockets and an elastic waistband.  If a customer chooses long sleeves, the sleeves will be white chiffon to keep with the white background of the top.  Cost of the tunic pants sets are $65 plus $10 shipping.  I am taking orders now!!!

So this is what I am working on right now.  On the design studio page will also be crocheted items that I make such as neckwarmers, baby items, crocheted maxi and mini skirts, and other items as the are made available.  A lot, right?

In addition to making my dream a reality, I am working with my ex-husband to promote the business, event planning, photo shoots, collaborate on putting shows together, and developing an entire security department for events for prospective clients.  2019 is going to be huge.  Perhaps losing my job is a blessing in disguise.  I am stepping out on faith.

In the meantime I am writing up a business model in hopes of obtaining capital to further expand my design studio in order to build a team and to put together an entire fashion house at a physical location.  Join me in supporting this venture.  And thank you for continuing to keep AtStudio5 alive.

Stay Beautiful~~

A Note From the Moderator: Coming Soon – New Policies for Featuring, Listing and Hosting Fashion Sites and Placing Banners

March 31, 2018

With there being internet so high on alert it is important for AtStudio5 to take action to protect itself by enacting policies that create a set of criteria when asked from outside resources to host fashion sites on the blog.

AtStudio5 has decided to create policies that must be met before requests to list, feature, or to host fashion sites can be granted, and/or before banners can be placed.   As creator and moderator of AtStudio5, it is important to provide quality content that is trusted and can be verified.  It would be in poor judgement to post content that comes back as not having a satisfactory consumer rating or has been flagged as being a scam from previous shoppers or by verifiable resources.

Therefore the policies will serve to ask that sites that are asking to be featured, listed, or hosted, and banners to be placed must go through a process of being verified as a trusted source with a 3.5 star or above rating and with reviews that do not suggest that the site cannot be trusted.

The policies will be very specific and thorough in the criteria that must be met, and will be housed on its own page.  Stay tuned to the blog site for the new policies to be posted. They will be updated accordingly as how the internet improves how scams are tracked and flagged.

Beauty: Eye Crayon…The Latest Rave

January 30, 2018

maybelline-eyeshadow-color-tattoo-crayon-products-1x1I honestly can’t say enough about Mabeline’s Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon, with a 24 hour lasting wear. It’s now one of my latest faves that just took my by surprise.  The first time I tried them, my daughter and I were in Fred Myers looking for makeup and I came across this item and thought, “OK, looks like something I want to try.” Specifically because it came in the gold I was looking for since I started using eye crayon in place of powder eye shadow and was completely blown away.  It gave me more of a dramatic look I was looking for.  Even being 50, I still have to look my best right?  Photo from to give you an idea of some of the colors that they have, and where you can find many of their great products.

I love Maybeline because they are one brand that is always creating products for women of all colors and for all skin types.  I always start with Maybeline when I am looking to replace products I already have or looking to try something new.  I have used Maybeline for years, and have always worked them into my budget when I was in the market for new makeup.

~You can find the eye crayons in other brands, too.~

The crayons go on smoothly.  I have my three favorites, the Lavish Lavendar, Gold Rush, and Bronze Truffle.  These crayons are retractable which I think is fabulous, and they don’t smear and have a long lasting wear, which is what I always look for in an eye shadow product.  I don’t do up my eyes often and when I do I like to keep it simple.  So to pair with the Maybeline eye crayon, I use a black crayon eyeliner by Rimmel, part of their Scandal Eyes collection, which I found and love because of how it glides on flawlessly.  It took me a couple of days looking for one, and a couple of hours because I didn’t want just any black eye crayon.  It’s not retractable, but that’s OK.  I have the right sharpener for it when the time comes.

Let’s not forget mascara!  Eye crayon wear is not complete unless you have the right mascara.  I didn’t go expensive here because I learned from my younger sister that you don’t always have to pay the high prices on makeup, including mascara.  So, I use Extra WOW Lash by Rimmel, again another great product that I don’t have any reactions with.  Gives me a long lasting wear, does not irritate my eyes, and I am good to go for the day or the evening.

thumbnail_PSX_20171111_141433Without foundation and just wearing a thin coat of Physician’s Formula Multi-Colored Bronzer Color Palette that matches my skin, I come away with a smooth look with just the eye crayons, a nice shade of lip gloss over a lip pencil that blends the two colors together.  I keep it subtle when it comes to lip gloss and lip liner, even on my most casual days.  But don’t get me wrong I do know how to go dramatic for that real popping, eye turning look.  That’s when I have fun with it, but at the same time I don’t go over board.

In this picture, though it’s just the black eye crayon, the Gold Rush color eye crayon, my Jordana black eye liner on the lower eye, a Jordana lip line called Currant, which is my favorite, and a gold lip gloss by Wet-N-Wild.

44ebf0e3-ebc5-4cad-8646-9dab91ee547d_1.7a4043e50df6c6e6b61fca5c87fb7694If I am going to do a full face makeup I wear FIT foundation also by Maybeline.  I am so happy they came out with this product because I can fit this product to match my skin tone perfectly. I’m between 356 and 360 It doesn’t bother my skin and my makeup goes on without a hitch.  I use a Physician’s Formula Multi-Colored Bronzer Powder Palette to finish it off, put on my eye makeup and I am ready for the world.  You can find the Fit Me foundation at Wal-Mart or other local stores where Mayebeline products are sold like Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Fred Meyers.  In my opinion is reasonably priced.  Unlike Physician’s Formula…they are pricey, but well worth the money.  When I am stocking up on my makeup I can expect to spend anywhere from $35 – $50 if I look for the sales and bargains on my favorite products.  Photo from Wal-Mart

When I am looking for eye makeup, I am looking for wearability — as in long lasting, extended wear with the ease of taking off at the end of the night.  I am looking for non-irritant makeup that won’t cause me to have a reaction, something that works well with other products I use.  I tend to use Maybeline products because they have great shades, and long lasting wear, and they come off very easy.  I can generally find them at a good price like at Wal-Mart and Fred Meyers.  The eye crayons are exciting to me because of how smooth they glide on.  The different shades of colors you can find them in and how long they last.  A true plus in my book.

What do I rate the eye crayons between a one and a ten?  I give this product a raving 10 because I love it.  No messy wands, to caked up powders, long lasting wear….everything I am looking for and doesn’t work my patience to apply.

If you haven’t already checked out eye crayons, do so today.  Add them to your makeup collection.  You’ll be glad you did.  Think of the eye crayons as your new best friend in eye makeup because the possibilities are endless.


Announcement: The Diamond Press Newly Updated

January 22, 2018


If you haven’t already been keeping up with The Diamond Press, now is a good time to jump on over to see what’s new.  Lots of changes are being made to the blog this year.  New categories, new content, and new informed information to keep readers, followers, and those just passing through alarmed, alert, and updated on what’s going on in the nation, throughout the world, and in our Government today.

There will be “The Weekend Follow Up” reporting on this weekends events surrounding the President’s inauguration anniversary and the Women’s March and other protests surrounding that day.  The blog will work to stay up today on current events and bring the information forward as I hear it.

I am looking for contributors for the newsletters that I will be putting together in the coming months.  So if you a pretty good writer, have experience in writing reports, I would love for you to volunteer your time to help bring this project to life.  If interested, email me and let’s collaborate.

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