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Style File News: CSULB Campus Couture Fashion Show

May 6, 2019



Hello Everyone….This week in Style File News I wanted to feature a wonderful young lady whom I have had the pleasure of welcoming her and her mom into our family not that many years ago.

Rejeana has not only blossomed into a beautiful young lady, but has also become a talented photographer whose work is becoming well talked about.

Rejeana Save the Date 5.10.19This month, if you’re in Long Beach, CA, join her at the at Cal State University of Long Beach for the CSULB Campus Couture Fashion Show on May 10, 2019 at 7:00 pm.

The show will be debuting the senior designers of the fashion department. This is sure to be an event you don’t want to miss.  Tickets can be purchased at the box office or online.

Save the Date, May 10, 2019.


Updated 05/06/19

Announcement: Welcoming Lawrence E. Nettles, Jr to AtStudio5

April 17, 2019

There are a lot of new things that are going to be happening at AtStudio5.  Because the year started out so well with reaching new milestones that are set to take the brand to new heights, I wanted to go one step further in moving the brand to the forefront of the fashion industry.

I want to introduce Lawrence E. Nettles, Jr.  He will be working with me as the Director of Fashion Events, Entertainment & Community Resources.  He will be in charge assisting various aspects of building the brand to include promoting events, securing entertainment for events, communications, and serving in a marketing capacity to promote the brand to prospective clients and sponsors.

I am happy to have him as part of the team.  I believe he will be a strong asset and voice in the overall success of the company.  He brings an experience of creativity that will be a dynamic addition to the company.  Join me in welcoming him to the team.  Picture to follow.

Fashion: New York Fashion Week

March 23, 2019

New York’s fashion week is coming September 6 – 14.  There are opportunities available to attend, participate, be in the on the press, and even volunteer but it also depends on how much effort you’re willing to put in to being a part of this spectacular event.  Bottom line….it depends on your connections in the industry, the whose who, and who you know.

I read there is an $80 application fee, however, it does not guarantee you entrance into the shows.  And even if you are approved, you still have to get a designer consideration that will get you in.  There are open-to-the-public shows and you can see the shows online.  So, in retrospect it depends on how much effort and how much work you’re willing do to not miss it.

I will be creating signature piece as part of my white collection in hopes of being considered for the fashion week experience.  I will be looking for someone to volunteer their time and experience to helping me create the piece on paper.  Wish me luck!

Announcement: Celebrating 500 Posts

March 23, 2019


500 PostsI am happy to announce that today AtStudio5 has reached its 500th post.  This is just too exciting for me!  It’s just one more milestone that the blog is reaching towards its goal of being a major success.  Today’s current views are at a 71,449.  Let’s see if we can reach 100,000 views by 2020, which will be its 10th year.  I know we can do it because I have such a great support of fans and readers who have not given up on the purpose of this blog.  Let’s keep going to make AtStudio5 a name in the fashion industry.


A Note from the Moderator: Shout Out to All My Readers & Supporters

March 23, 2019

Thank YouHey everybody….I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone who has been stopping by my Atstudio5 page on Facebook and here on my blog.  I wanted to let you all know that so far it’s been an incredible experience with all I have done to date and what I am continuing to do.

Just yesterday I chatted with a previous customer and before I knew it we were talking about making her wedding dress and a matching vest for a casual wedding ceremony in September in California.  Summers in California are beautiful especially in September when it tends to be its hottest month of the summer season.  I am super excited to be able to share this experience with her.  This is just a small testimony of how things are going with AtStudio5 and it takes me one step closer to having a studio to be able to work out of.

Whether you’re just browsing through my Facebook page or my blog, and you stopped to like something I posted and/or left comments, I want you all to know that I appreciate everyone more than you know.  But let’s not stop there!  Keep Atstudio5 growing by spreading the word.  I want 2019 to be an amazing year for Atstudio5 and with fans, supporters, friends and family, and new clients I know this year will be a huge success!!!

AtStudio5 will be registered as company, there will be clothing labels to officially create the brand, and there will be signature pieces to promote and host a runway show.  Stay tuned.  I hope to see everyone continuing to support AtStudio5.

Email at if you have a story to share, interested in helping with the growth of AtStudio5, or if you have ideas and suggestions.  Be sure to leave a comment.  Those are always welcome.

Fashion & Beauty: I Am AtStudio5

March 23, 2019

I Am AtStudio5Let’s talk about what AtStudio5 and where it hales from.  9 years ago I was looking to participate in fashion week when it kicked off early in the year.  There were press opportunities I wanted to be in on, but in order to do so interested press had to have fashion blogs to be referenced.  Because I did not have one at the time, just articles I had written for other blogs, I quickly sprung into action to create my own fashion blog.  That was the real start of me being a blogger.

AtStudio5 was born and in doing so I joined other groups and forums and inside of one month my reviews were on a steady rise.  I did not get a chance to be granted press passes to some of the local fashion shows that were taking over downtown Los Angeles, but I gained a fashion blog that was gaining lots of attention.

The blog has morphed into so much more than just fashion.  It’s beauty, entertainment, fashion, health, style and image consulting, and creating opportunities for women who are looking to rediscover themselves.  It’s been a labor of love throughout the years.

Since the passing of my husband in July 2017, I have rededicated myself back to a passion of fashion.  And in doing so I want to share my love and passion with everyone by creating a fashion brand that everyone can enjoy.  I am AtStudio5 and this is my brand.  This is my life.

I hope to plan a women’s luncheon to kick off the first official women’s group of AtStudio5 before the end of 2019.  This luncheon will be to celebrate women who have overcome obstacles in their lives.  Women who have beaten the odds whether in health, relationships, or other aspects of their lives.  Women who have taken back control of their lives and are living the best life they can live to date.  There will be details to follow in the months to come.  Stay tuned!

Join me in making 2019 the best year AtStudio5 has had as we move into its 10th year in 2020.

Announcement: Celebrating 9 Years

February 23, 2019

Anniversary 9 Years 02.23.2019I am excited to announce that today AtStudio5 celebrates 9 years of being online.  This is exciting for the blog because I think back to how and why AtStudio5 was created and realize that it was a labor of love.

I’ve met some interesting people after the blog was created that have helped to shape my future in the fashion industry and the exposure it subjected me to that made me realize just how much more I wanted to be known.

AtStudio5 is important today because I value what it represents for women who have embraced who they are and aspire to be.  I am looking forward to how much more AtStudio5 will grow and where it will continue to lead me.

I still want to build a team to play a major role in advocating for women’s rights movement and helping women find themselves.

With that being said, please join me in helping AtStudio5 celebrate its 9th year.


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