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Beauty: Achieving the Perfect Ombre Lips in the Most Simplest Way

May 5, 2021

Makeup Series 04.17.21CMakeup has changed so much over the years that creativity has more than excelled in technique and style, but it’s also given way to extreme looks that can be transformed into daytime and nighttime looks, and looks for whatever path our minds sets us on.

One technique I have developed a liking for is the Ombre Lips.  I have been seeing this on the makeup groups I belong to on Facebook and I have become fascinated by it.  The look is very much like how I use a lip liner with lip gloss except there is no blending involved when I wear a lip liner with a lip gloss, to me that is just manipulating the color of the lip gloss.

With doing Ombre Lips, the process is a little different and it all depends on your personal preference on the shades you use and whether you use matte, satin finish or a cream lipstick with a lip liner of choice.

In the process I am going to talk about, the process uses three things, a brown lip liner, a nude shade of lipstick and an optional clear lip gloss.  But again, you can use any shades you like to achieve your Ombre look.  I just so happen to like the brown lip liner used with a rose colored matte lipstick.  

So, over the last month I have watched six or seven videos on achieving the perfect Ombre Lips and what I concluded is that the process can very easily be achieved in three easy steps, four if you want to top it off with a clear lip gloss if you want your lips to pop.  There is really no need to pile on lipstick after lipstick or lip glosses over lipsticks, where I saw a total of five used in the process.  Believe me I tried the method of using multiple lipsticks and lip glosses and I did not like it because, for one, it was too long of a process and then, two, it just looked messy and just seemed sticky and it was way too much just to achieve something that I later discovered has a more simpler process.

Makeup Series 04.17.21DThe first thing you want to do is use your lip liner to trace your lips.  You can go just around the line of your lips or you can go above the line if you want a fuller look. I prefer to trace just inside the line of my lips.  I don’t have large lips and don’t need to create a look on something I don’t have.

You’ll want to make the lines wide enough so when you get the step with the lip stick, you will still have enough lip liner to cover both your top and bottom lip.

Now you are going to create what I call side triangles starting from the far corners of your lips and just color in just enough on both top and bottom lips (see photo) so that you are going to leave wide enough spaces uncolored in.  This is the space you are going to use for the lipstick.

This next step you are going to get your lipstick and you are going to fill in the spaces untouched by the lip liner.  The last step you are going to use a small blending brush to blend the lipstick into the lip liner or the lip liner into the lipstick lightly patting your lips until it looks blended.

The final step would be to use a clear lip gloss. You pat it on to avoid messing up the blended look.  Again, using a lip gloss is optional and can be used if you really want your lips to shine.  I prefer not to use a clear lip gloss, although I have some, I just don’t use it for this look.

This Ombre Lip brought out my entire look and in all the makeup series I have done, this is the best look I have done.

What I used:

  • Lavish Brown lip liner by Jordana (they are no longer in business as of 12/31/20)
  • 211-Risky Rose lipstick by Maybelline
  • Small blending brush by Wet & Wild

I tried the Ombre four different times before finally achieving the perfect Ombre Lips.  If this is something you’d like to do, I recommend try it out a couple of times using different shades and types of lipsticks and lip glosses to see which one works for you.  Mine was done in trial and error before stumbling across this simple process.

I will be starting a YouTube channel in the coming months and I will be talking about how to do this simple three step process, so stay tuned for that.

I hope this post was help to you or someone you know.  

Thank you for reading and remember to like this post.  If you have a comment please share below.  Share with your friends and tell everyone about this post.

Fashion Talk: Why do People Write the Bad Reviews They Write About Apparel They Buy Online?

January 26, 2021

Have you ever found an item you really liked and before you purchased it, you decided you wanted to read the reviews to learn what other customers thought about that same item?  I can understand the reviews that talk about how they received a defected item (i.e., had holes in, rips, stains, etc.).  They have pretty good reasons to be disappointed because they paid their money and were expecting a quality product.

When they go on to blatantly tear the item down, you kind of have to read more into it to determine what what the real problem is that they found wrong with the item.  I found it interesting when in many of the reviews I have read when I was online shopping for various fashion items, There were always one or two who said:

  • Very disappointed because the item looked cheap
  • It was poorly made
  • Not flattering
  • Horrible item
  • Photo not accurate
  • Color not the same as shown
  • Doesn’t fit, way too big or too small

And the more I read these reviews I had a conversation with my daughter and we came to the same conclusion that it just may be something with the customer, that they don’t realize that with online ordering, items are not always as shown in the picture, and you have to take into consideration that depending on where it is coming from, it is going to run small, run big, or fit as expected which is why I read the reviews to see what others in my weight class bought and what they felt about it.

TanSweater2After the last reviews I read the other day, I was prompted to write this post.  So, my daughter bought me this amazing sweater on Amazon.  I absolutely love the sweater and the detail.  She knows I like sweaters that are different, have the right kind of appeal and really stand out, and it was such a coincidence that for Christmas she got the same exact sweater I had been looking at.

It’s the right length, the right size, and the cold shoulder look is what I like, with one extra detail that really caught my attention.

I loved the sweater so much I actually found the sweater again, but in a powder blue, which in this style makes it just even more beautiful, except I got in a size large this time because I am in the process of losing weight.  Don’t worry I know how to take in a sweater if it gets too big without have to try and shrink it.

BlueSweaterNow when I found the sweater, I wanted to read the reviews to see what others felt about the item.  And some of the reviews I read I didn’t quite understand what the actual problem was.  I ordered it anyway and I receive it, the sweater was shrink wrapped which let me know they took time to ensure the sweater was protected.  One of the reviews I read said it arrived with a noticeable snag in it.  I did not use any sharp object to open the package for the purpose of not damaging the product.  First thing I noticed is the color was exactly as shown online.  No disappointment there.

I laid the sweater out on my bed and inspected every part of the sweater, looking for any defects, snags, holes, tears, anything that would warrant me to return it. I look at the neckline, the sleeves, the entire body of the sweater and I have to say that I found absolutely nothing wrong with the sweater.  In fact, it was in perfect condition.

The wrinkles in the sweater come from it having been tightly shrink wrapped which I can only assume they did that to help keep it from being damaged in shipping.

BlueSweater2I tried the sweater on and it fit like a charm.  I like my sleeves long and I like my sweaters to fit a certain way and this one fit just right.  Not only do I love the cold should detail, but I love the open back these sweaters have.  That’s why when I tried on the tan one I have, I was like, “Oh, yeah!!!”

Look at that backing!!! Tell me if this is not your regular ultimate sweater.  So, you can understand why I got so excited when my daughter got me one for Christmas.  If I can find a white me,  believe me, I will be ordering that baby lickety-split!

So, let me give you my review of the sweater.  I already mentioned how it came packaged.  The sweater is soft, the sleeves are the right length.  The sweater falls just at my hips which is how I like my sweaters.  The quality of the sweater is very nice, no stitching errors.  I based the size on my overall body type in order to avoid getting a size too big and too small.  

It’s fact that everyone has their own experience when ordering online, but you also have to exercise some common sense to ensure you’re not only getting what you paid for, but you want it worth the money you paid.  You have to keep in mind that not everything ordered online is going to be expected. I have had this happen to me several times but I did not return everything because I could live it — it was not too bad to where I had to demand my money back.  There were those instances where the seller just said keep the item and they refunded my money because of my dissatisfaction of an item.  It will happen, but if you know you can avoid ordering issues, then by all means do so to avoid the headaches that being disappointed can cause.

Don’t be surprise if you write a review that is so bad that the seller will reach out to you personally and ask what can they do for you to get you to amend your review.  That’s happened to, but they have to keep in mind that if they did not deliver quality products, misrepresented products, they are bound to get the bad reviews.  Nothing they can do there.

In closing, next time you write a review, take the time to think about what you’re writing that review.  You could be adding to the popularity of the seller, or adding to their bad reputation.

Shoe Review: The Jessica Simpson Wedge Boots

January 2, 2021

JS_Wedge Boots4As we were saying goodbye to 2020, I thought I would see what boots I could find that would be head-turning type of boots.  I came across the Jessica Simpson wedge boots that are very nice in style and color combination.  Just the kind of boots that are (for me) different.

I think the pink brings the brown and tan tones together, and you can get away with wearing something pink and not take away from the style of the boots.  The wedge I would say measures just at or a little below 4 inches, making the boots easy to wear. 

There are a few things about the boots I found could have been done better, one is the zipper could have been longer to make for more ease of slipping the boots on. 

Secondly, with regards to size, they do run a bit small.  Which I found very surprising because I had a pair of her high heel pumps that were a size 6.5 and they fit like a size 7, but then again that was several years ago.

The surprising thing is I wear a size 7 and I got these in a size 7.5 and found them snug around the ankles, and my feet and ankles were not even swollen at the time I tried these on, in fact I had skinny ankles 😉 so getting these a whole size up would not be a bad idea.

Thirdly is they are tight around the calf.  Even though they tried to allow for fitting the calves, they should have made them a bit wider because taking them off if you’re not wearing a nylon is going to be a pain in the next.  You cannot wear them with thin socks because they will be too tight and too uncomfortable.  You stand a better chance wearing them with super thin or sheer nylon socks or stockings just for the easy of getting them on and off.  Where they made the boots loose just above the ankles, they should have added some of that looseness down around the ankles to not make it so tough to zip up.

JS_Wedge Boots5I absolutely love the style of the boots.  I’ve seen multi color boots but not in this particular style where the wedge itself is partially covered.  The pointed toe adds to the overall style of the boots and gives them a classy rustic look and appeal.

They would be ideal for wearing with a sweater dress, or suede skirt ensemble just to set the off and make them stand out.   These do come in all black, but they are not as fun as these here with the color combo.  Makes them more fun.

As far as price, I bought these at Ross one day a couple weeks ago when I happened to have gone in looking for a sweater and stopped off in the shoe section to see what they had.  There was only one pair in the entire store, and I paid $19.99 plus tax.  You can also find these on for $103 and on Amazon for about $108, which I don’t see them being worth that much simply because they run small and you would probably have to go up a whole size just for the ease of slipping them on, zipping them up, and getting a good comforting fit.

Overall I love the style, but while zipping them up can be problematic, I can zip them up nonetheless and my toes are not snug.  It’s just mostly around the ankles and upper calves.  Would I recommend them?  I honestly would, but I would also suggest going a whole size up…oh, I already said that, but you know what I mean.

Beyond that, they are super cool boots, no denying that.  They are best worn when it’s not raining buckets and pails out here in the Pacific Northwest.

Entertainment: Cardi B’s Beefing With Peppa Pig

December 28, 2020

In the news today on the internet comes the latest crazy celebrity beef and this time it comes from Cardi B who is said to have beef with the popular cartoon, Peppa Pig.  The fact this made headlines on a couple of sites including Billboard, is almost laughable.  But you gotta love Cardi B’s fire!  

The whole thing is surrounding the very fact that one of the things that Peppa does is stomp in puddles.  I don’t think there is a cartoon episode where Peppa is not stomping in a wet puddle, or her little brother.  Hey, it’s what makes the day fun for them.  At the same time, and because her daughter is obsessed with the cartoon, Cardi B feels it is influencing her daughter in a way she is disagreeing with and probably on all levels.  Specifically with messing up shoes, to be quite clear. 

I respect Cardi B, and in a very big way.  I can honestly say she and her music has somewhat grown on me in the last year or so.  I can say she is quite a talented artist who has a no nonsense personality.  She relates to her fans and when people bark at her, she barks back with a bigger bite.  She becomes momma bear when it comes to her daughter.  So, it’s no wonder I am in amazement that she could probably be one to give Peppa Pig a run for her money.

Look, I am a mom, too, and a grandma.  When my daughter was growing up, I can’t count how many times she has stomped in wet puddles.  I have even stomped in quite a few with her.  It’s letting her be a little kid and enjoying all the things that came with with being a little kid. We didn’t have Peppa Pig back then when my daughter was a little girl, in fact she got to see a lot of the old classic cartoons.

Now my daughter is a mom and my granddaughter watches Peppa Pig and other cartoons religiously.  I can remember sitting in the living room of our old apartment with my granddaughter watching a marathon of Peppa Pig [twice].  And I admit — after a while I thought I lost brain cells, but she wanted to spend an afternoon watching it and I did not take that away from her. 

Look, if you’ve seen the cartoon, I think we are forgetting what the cartoon reflects…kids being kids.  And if parents feel watching Peppa Pig stomp in in wet puddles is a bad influence, then stop the kids from watching the show.   See how well that goes!   Or if you’re going to get bent out of shape over it, do like we do my granddaughter, steer her away from the puddles and/or buy shoes they can wear specifically for stomping in wet puddles. 

My granddaughter loves stomping in wet puddles, that is why when we have somewhere to go on a particular day, we make it clear no puddles, but if we’re just messing around for the day and going nowhere in particular, or just running quick errands then we let my granddaughter (now 4) attack the puddles.  

I see it as a right of passage to enjoy being a kid before growing up becomes apparent, and having a childhood she can look back on and have happy memories. If the network drops Peppa Pig, we can say Cardi B singled handedly took out a cartoon…literally. Will she do it? I don’t know…there’s no mentioning that she would, but then again…with her fiery attitude and personality, I would not doubt it.

A Note From the Moderator: Saying Goodbye to 2020 and Hello to 2021

December 27, 2020

ReneAtStudio5_12.26.20_1This year was definitely a challenging year for a lot of people, but I hope that through the holiday season many of you were able to take comfort in spending time with your loved ones to help take your minds off of the struggles many have faced and are continuing to face even after the Christmas Holiday.

Even through the difficulties we’ve all faced this year, we are still trying to survive the aftermath the pandemic is leaving behind.  And many of us have or are rising from it and seeing new days ahead.  

With that being said, I can’t thank everyone enough who have continued to stop by to view the blog to see what’s new.  And with my Christmas Holiday Edition for 2020, the views are almost at 75,000.  I am stoked at that number!!!  Because that let’s me know people are paying attention, and that makes me happy.

I know we cannot predict how 2021 will start out, but I am confident it will be off to somewhat a good start even with the many restrictions we are facing in the states we live in that limits how we go out about our day-to-day activities, we can still try to look forward to better days.

Looking forward I hope to be incorporating more into the blog.  The newsletter is still in progress.  It may not debut at the first of the year as hoped, but know that it is still forthcoming.  

I would like to do sample photoshoots, so anyone interested in collaborating with me on this project in 2021 can email me at same with contributing to the newsletter.  For the newsletter I’ll looking for beauty tips, product reviews, tutorials on how to apply makeup, and other beauty related information.  Later on I’ll be looking to create a more magazine based publication to include beauty, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle, so stay tuned for that information.

I will be revising the guest writer guidelines in the coming weeks. I do not provide the guest writer guidelines until the potential guest writer has had a chance to review the content of the guide to determine of this is a good fit for them to submit their content. I have had emails from individuals requesting to write for AtStudio5, but never respond back to me, which I understand and it does not bother me at all, I just want this blog to be looked at seriously, which is why I am branching out to put the blog on a different level.

In closing, as we are preparing to say goodbye to 2020, let’s look ahead with our heads held high, our optimism at the highest it’s ever been, and think positive because times can only get better. This hardship shall past.

~~I celebrate you all and pray that you all find happiness, love, and strength in each other and in the new year.~~

AtStudio5ENT: Christmas Edition 2020 Featuring Liliane H.

December 20, 2020

Lilian H Christmas Edition 2020

AtStudio5 Enterprises is proud to announce the Christmas Edition 2020. Liliane H., Washington State. Join me in welcoming her as AtStudio5 Enterprises first feature for the Holidays as we close out the year.

AtStudio5ENT: Christmas Edition 2020 Features of the Month

December 2, 2020

2020 Holiday EditionHello to all my readers, followers, friends and family reading this post tonight.  If you are following my Facebook page you would have seen that last night I made an announcement.

I am looking to feature five people on my blog for the Holiday Edition of AtStudio5ENT Features for the month of December.  I will be accepting the first 20 photos I receive via email at  AtStudio5 is not about me.  It’s about all of you out there who are responsible for AtStudio5 continuing to grow and gain traction, and nearly up to 75,000 views.  Let’s keep that number growing and let’s get more followers to join in on the fun.

As I am working continuously to grow my community, I cannot do this alone and need for you to get involved.  Get the word out there about the blog in order for to become a name people can become familiar with.  

The guidelines to submitting a photo for the Christmas Edition of AtStudio5ENT Features of the Month are as follows:

  • Must be 18 or older submitting photos
  • Willing to consent to allow the photo to be posted for the month of December
  • Send one photo — doesn’t matter that size because it can be resized for posting.  If you use more than one email, please use your preferred email for contacting you.
  • Photos can be full or half body photos
  • No nudity.  Any nude shots are not accepted and will be deleted automatically
  • Looking for glam photos, not you and your friends acting wild and out
  • This is a holiday feature, so the photo must be nicely composed
  • Include a short bio about yourself, including where you are from.  A few sentences would be fine, please do not send an entire paragraph.
  • Photos not selected to be featured, some may be selected for “Beauty of the Month Feature” beginning January 2021.  If your photo is not selected, please include in your email if you would be interested.

The deadline to submitting photos is December 15, 2020 if you want the chance to be selected for the Christmas Edition of AtStudio5ENT Features of the Month.  Final selection of the photos will be done on December 20, 2020.  Those chosen will be emailed immediately, so be sure to be using your correct email address. 

If you’re not already following my Facebook page, be sure to do so at AtStudio5.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

~~Happy Holidays to you all~~

Commentary: The Year in 2020

November 20, 2020

Times are so different now that our priorities in life have been greatly shifted. Our lives have been displaced to the degree to where we have gone from one extreme to the next, in the efforts of keeping our families together, for the purpose of trying to survive.

Jobs have been lost. Homes have been foreclosed on. People have become homeless all in the face of this pandemic. And here we are, the state of Washington is one again in a state wide shutdown.

The fight to survive is far greater than we ever imagined. And even as stores have reopened, nothing really returned to normal. People are more afraid than they ever have been. Men. Women. The elderly. Children. Constantly at risk, where many have died from the virus.

It is fear that causes us to act out of content. To fight for reasons we really don’t understand, except we all want the right to see another light of day and be able to get the COVID-19 far behind us. Being kind to one another is putting the foot in the right direction. It’s not about entitlement…or who has the right to live…but it’s about solely surviving and coming together as a nation to make this happen, to hold each other up when there is no one else there.

2020 is coming to an end. While we continue to face uncertainty, let’s try to keep hope alive in a positive manner. Let hate be so distant from your mind that you forget the meaning of the word. Let’s not judge each other by the color of our skin, but our ability to embrace one another during these difficult times.

I am a mom. I am a grandma. And I never thought my daughter and granddaughter and expecting grandson would be a part of nation so torn and divided and frightened at the same time. We have the power…the voice…to stand together with each other. Let’s not forget…we are all in this together.

One love…One nation…Under God. Be safe. Be strong. Be there for one another.

I Am AtStudio5: November 2020

November 20, 2020


Beauty: Let’s Talk Makeup Techniques

November 12, 2020

Everyone has their own techniques to how they apply makeup in order to get that glam-glam look, and though that may be the case the one rule that stays the same is always start with the eyebrows and eyeshadow.  But the interesting thing about that is we all have our own style to how we construct the perfect eyebrows.  Some do the unibrow thing, trying to make twin eyebrows, some go for a more dramatic look, and some, much like myself, go for a more natural look.  Once the eyebrows and eyeshadow look has been established, everything else takes form.

Rene2020-10There is a science that goes into wearing makeup, meaning each product has its own purpose and meaning that we give life to once we embark on the journey of creating the perfect look. 

Learning how to wear makeup is nothing something we can learn overnight.  Some of us are a natural at it, whereas others  have to practice over and over again until we get it right, and then there are those who just have no patience and would rather have others do it.

So, in this post I am going to talk about the process (or the technique) that I used to create this look which I have to say is one of my favorite looks since I have been doing makeup series.  I did not really learn how to do my eyebrows until earlier this year and eyelashes….well, I didn’t get into those until just within the last week or so.  I became fascinated by how they can bring an entire look together.

Rene2020-12What I do:  I always start with cleaning my face thoroughly.  If I scrubbed my face earlier that morning, I clean it again or I go over it with a makeup remover wipe.  It helps to remove any oil build up and deposited dirt.

I don’t put any lotion on because I am going to be use a face primer by Maybelline.  I use enough to cover my entire face so when I start the process, the foundation goes on smoothly and has a smooth finish after I apply the  press powder.

It’s important to start with a clean canvas because you are going to be creating a work of art.  Just remember that each time you sit down to your mirror to get creative.

For a long time I always did foundation first then whatever I was going to do with my eyes.  But it was always a hit and miss and I would just shape up my eyebrows, throw on some eyeliner and I thought I had a masterpiece until I would see someone else and I would be wishing I could crawl under a rock…LOL.  Makeup is a trial and error type of thing…you either have it or your don’t, the good thing it’s something you can learn to perfect.

So, while all these years I was thinking you did eyes last I learned the lesson that you do eyes and eyebrows first.  At first I couldn’t understand why until I started watching tutorials and it all became a new reality to me.  Remember when I said there’s a science to wearing makeup?  Yeah…it starts with the eyebrows and eyes.

This where your patience is really challenged.  If you are person who does not have patience, you will certainly develop some with makeup.  When I first started doing my eyebrows, I was using a black eyebrow pencil that trippled as a smudge, mascara for the eyebrows, and a liner.  I looked like a clown with plastic eyebrows.  It was over a year and a half before I tried eyebrows again because — fortunately — there are ladies who are kind of enough to create easy to follow tutorials that walk you through how to do eyes from eyebrows, to eyeshadow, and right down to doing wings and lashes.  Of course, it will take you some time to find the right one, they are out there.  You’ll just have to spend some time hanging out on YouTube.

Rene2020-13Moving right along.  So, once the eyebrows are ready to go, get yourself some really good concealer.  This process I call defining the eyebrows because you are going to trace the eyebrow pencil with the concealer top and bottom using an even coating.  I say that because once you’re done you are going to blend out the concealer going down to the eyes and then up top you going to blend up just enough to where you can’t see it.  It’s like the concealer makes the eyebrows pop…pop…pop. I don’t care for when some ladies use white up top and bottom…to me that just looks like it’s not going to blend well with the foundation.  Before I do anything else I put on my eyeliner.

Now that the eyes are set in stone, ease into the eyeshadow base.  Determine if you’re going for a overall blended look or if you’re doing a cut crease.  Let me tell you, if you’ve never done a cut crease, I suggest watching lots of tutorial videos, make sure you have the right type of brush, and a whole lot of patience.

Rene2020-14On this next step, it really surprised me because in all the tutorials I have been watching over the last three years, I had never seen setting powder be used before the foundation.  I saw that and thought to myself, “something different’s been added!”  I tried it, careful not to ruin my eyeshadow and eyebrows, and I was actually amazed at the outcome because after I applied the foundations.  The foundations is where you really have to take into consideration the right shade, single or dual tones, meaning more than one.  I use a combination of two one is a liquid/creamy foundation and the other is a pressed powder.  For me the pressed powder keeps the shine down and adds for a flawless clean look, and the setting and finishing powders is like the icing on the cake.  I personally don’t do the contouring or highlighting because I don’t like the different tones, looks unbalanced to me…then again that’s just me, and at my age I don’t need all that glow.  Once  I have finished doing all the blending I am going to do I polish it with either a lip gloss and liner or a lipstick, eyeliner and my eyelashes…and you look like a millions bucks.

The thing to do is develop techniques that suits your personal style.  Everyone has something different that they like to do that is unique to them, like how I like to do my makeup is unique to what I like.  

These images are from my Wednesday 11/11/20 Makeup Series.  I hope you like the look, and if so please comment below.  If you have any questions, tips, suggestions, if you like this look, please feel free to leave me a comment.  Remember to like this post, and thanks for reading.

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