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A Note From the Moderator: Coming Soon – New Policies for Featuring, Listing and Hosting Fashion Sites and Placing Banners

March 31, 2018

With there being internet so high on alert it is important for AtStudio5 to take action to protect itself by enacting policies that create a set of criteria when asked from outside resources to host fashion sites on the blog.

AtStudio5 has decided to create policies that must be met before requests to list, feature, or to host fashion sites can be granted, and/or before banners can be placed.   As creator and moderator of AtStudio5, it is important to provide quality content that is trusted and can be verified.  It would be in poor judgement to post content that comes back as not having a satisfactory consumer rating or has been flagged as being a scam from previous shoppers or by verifiable resources.

Therefore the policies will serve to ask that sites that are asking to be featured, listed, or hosted, and banners to be placed must go through a process of being verified as a trusted source with a 3.5 star or above rating and with reviews that do not suggest that the site cannot be trusted.

The policies will be very specific and thorough in the criteria that must be met, and will be housed on its own page.  Stay tuned to the blog site for the new policies to be posted. They will be updated accordingly as how the internet improves how scams are tracked and flagged.

Beauty: Eye Crayon…The Latest Rave

January 30, 2018

maybelline-eyeshadow-color-tattoo-crayon-products-1x1I honestly can’t say enough about Mabeline’s Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon, with a 24 hour lasting wear. It’s now one of my latest faves that just took my by surprise.  The first time I tried them, my daughter and I were in Fred Myers looking for makeup and I came across this item and thought, “OK, looks like something I want to try.” Specifically because it came in the gold I was looking for since I started using eye crayon in place of powder eye shadow and was completely blown away.  It gave me more of a dramatic look I was looking for.  Even being 50, I still have to look my best right?  Photo from to give you an idea of some of the colors that they have, and where you can find many of their great products.

I love Maybeline because they are one brand that is always creating products for women of all colors and for all skin types.  I always start with Maybeline when I am looking to replace products I already have or looking to try something new.  I have used Maybeline for years, and have always worked them into my budget when I was in the market for new makeup.

~You can find the eye crayons in other brands, too.~

The crayons go on smoothly.  I have my three favorites, the Lavish Lavendar, Gold Rush, and Bronze Truffle.  These crayons are retractable which I think is fabulous, and they don’t smear and have a long lasting wear, which is what I always look for in an eye shadow product.  I don’t do up my eyes often and when I do I like to keep it simple.  So to pair with the Maybeline eye crayon, I use a black crayon eyeliner by Rimmel, part of their Scandal Eyes collection, which I found and love because of how it glides on flawlessly.  It took me a couple of days looking for one, and a couple of hours because I didn’t want just any black eye crayon.  It’s not retractable, but that’s OK.  I have the right sharpener for it when the time comes.

Let’s not forget mascara!  Eye crayon wear is not complete unless you have the right mascara.  I didn’t go expensive here because I learned from my younger sister that you don’t always have to pay the high prices on makeup, including mascara.  So, I use Extra WOW Lash by Rimmel, again another great product that I don’t have any reactions with.  Gives me a long lasting wear, does not irritate my eyes, and I am good to go for the day or the evening.

thumbnail_PSX_20171111_141433Without foundation and just wearing a thin coat of Physician’s Formula Multi-Colored Bronzer Color Palette that matches my skin, I come away with a smooth look with just the eye crayons, a nice shade of lip gloss over a lip pencil that blends the two colors together.  I keep it subtle when it comes to lip gloss and lip liner, even on my most casual days.  But don’t get me wrong I do know how to go dramatic for that real popping, eye turning look.  That’s when I have fun with it, but at the same time I don’t go over board.

In this picture, though it’s just the black eye crayon, the Gold Rush color eye crayon, my Jordana black eye liner on the lower eye, a Jordana lip line called Currant, which is my favorite, and a gold lip gloss by Wet-N-Wild.

44ebf0e3-ebc5-4cad-8646-9dab91ee547d_1.7a4043e50df6c6e6b61fca5c87fb7694If I am going to do a full face makeup I wear FIT foundation also by Maybeline.  I am so happy they came out with this product because I can fit this product to match my skin tone perfectly. I’m between 356 and 360 It doesn’t bother my skin and my makeup goes on without a hitch.  I use a Physician’s Formula Multi-Colored Bronzer Powder Palette to finish it off, put on my eye makeup and I am ready for the world.  You can find the Fit Me foundation at Wal-Mart or other local stores where Mayebeline products are sold like Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Fred Meyers.  In my opinion is reasonably priced.  Unlike Physician’s Formula…they are pricey, but well worth the money.  When I am stocking up on my makeup I can expect to spend anywhere from $35 – $50 if I look for the sales and bargains on my favorite products.  Photo from Wal-Mart

When I am looking for eye makeup, I am looking for wearability — as in long lasting, extended wear with the ease of taking off at the end of the night.  I am looking for non-irritant makeup that won’t cause me to have a reaction, something that works well with other products I use.  I tend to use Maybeline products because they have great shades, and long lasting wear, and they come off very easy.  I can generally find them at a good price like at Wal-Mart and Fred Meyers.  The eye crayons are exciting to me because of how smooth they glide on.  The different shades of colors you can find them in and how long they last.  A true plus in my book.

What do I rate the eye crayons between a one and a ten?  I give this product a raving 10 because I love it.  No messy wands, to caked up powders, long lasting wear….everything I am looking for and doesn’t work my patience to apply.

If you haven’t already checked out eye crayons, do so today.  Add them to your makeup collection.  You’ll be glad you did.  Think of the eye crayons as your new best friend in eye makeup because the possibilities are endless.


Announcement: The Diamond Press Newly Updated

January 22, 2018


If you haven’t already been keeping up with The Diamond Press, now is a good time to jump on over to see what’s new.  Lots of changes are being made to the blog this year.  New categories, new content, and new informed information to keep readers, followers, and those just passing through alarmed, alert, and updated on what’s going on in the nation, throughout the world, and in our Government today.

There will be “The Weekend Follow Up” reporting on this weekends events surrounding the President’s inauguration anniversary and the Women’s March and other protests surrounding that day.  The blog will work to stay up today on current events and bring the information forward as I hear it.

I am looking for contributors for the newsletters that I will be putting together in the coming months.  So if you a pretty good writer, have experience in writing reports, I would love for you to volunteer your time to help bring this project to life.  If interested, email me and let’s collaborate.

Fashion News: H&M In the Hot Seat for Controversial Hoodie

January 15, 2018

hm_logo-thumbCNN reported on January 10, 2018 that many artists and celebrities were ditching the highly acclaimed global fashion brand for promotion of the hoodie that said, “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.”  What made them think this would be an acceptable promotion modeled by a young black boy when it is obvious that this would offend so many people on so many levels?

This issue was first brought to the attention of AtStudio5 last week.  It really got under the skin of celebrities and sponsors who have separated themselves from the global brand, claiming this is not acceptable and is insensitive in nature.  But let’s think about this for a second.  Didn’t global brands such as Banana Republic and Tommy Hilfiger face similar backlashes for their insensitive promotions and whatever statements that were made?  People were upset about it, yes, and even there were lawsuits and boycotts, but people got over it, forgot about it, and found something else to be mad about.

Customers who heard about the promotion just shrugged it off knowing this was not H&M’s intentions to offend anyone.  They were greatly impacted by having promoted the image and acted swiftly in taking it down.  Now here’s the thing, although they sent out the apology, the page where the apology was has also been taken down.  In my opinion it should have been left up for at least two weeks because that is about how long people are going to be mad.  Believe what I tell you.  They will find something else to be mad about.

In the last few days there have been reports of stores being vandalized and destroyed, and workers quitting.  Why?  In case people have not been paying attention, the stores did not put up the promotion of the hoodie, corporate did.  If you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at Corporate who first saw it be “cute.”  And what does destroying the stores prove or solve?  What point did it actually make other than those being caught on camera being who should be sought after to be brought to justice for the damage they caused?

All we could do is boycott them, but why?  Why waste the time?  After all all it was is a hoodie that they modeled a young black boy in.  They didn’t get caught in a slave trade, they did not openly discriminate against anyone, and they do manage to uphold their equal employer opportunity statement, therefore why spend time going through all of this nonsense.  Not excusing H&M for what they did, but people tend to take things further than they need to go.  They’ve lost celebrity support and a drop in the stock market.  I think this is punishment enough.

In case you didn’t catch the apology H&M posted, I did receive it in my email last week from H&M Fashion News.  Here is a snippet:

“To all customers, staff, media, stakeholders, partners, suppliers, friends and critics. We would like to put on record our position in relation to the image and promotion of a children’s sweater, and the ensuing response and criticism. Our position is simple and unequivocal – we have got this wrong and we are deeply sorry.”


Although the apology has since been taken down, it is without consequence that H&M is going to go on to promote their brands in the face of racial scrutiny and controversy.  It goes without saying that they will bounce back from this because people will get tired of being stupid by destroying stores, even though it was not the stores who promoted the ad, but it was corporate who should have a hard talking to.

The mother of the young boy has gone on to say “get over it.”  She does not seem to be hurt by the ad, which makes her a woman of reasoning and understanding.  If she can see the situation as not a huge deal to get bent over shape over or enough to think irrationally, why can’t those who saw fit to become destructive and violent, quit their jobs, and want to throw stones?  Why is destroying property often the first go-to decision when things come up that they do not agree with?  Sadly enough the stores that were destroyed were in South Africa by protesters in reaction to the ad, and there were workers who quit their jobs in the face of retaliation against the global brand.

We as a people do not stop to think before we react.  Protesters on some levels do not know what peaceful protesting means.  Too, there are those, including myself, who saw the incident as simply insensitive and distasteful.  I was not offended by it because I know it was not their intentions to upset anyone.  I say this because H&M is not the only one who has come under fire for promoting ads deemed racists.

In closing, H&M recognized immediately the impact the promotion had on them and how it impacted their sales and the place in the stock market.  It was offensive to the public as a whole.  But some people are smart enough to know where to draw the line and know how to let it go.  They made efforts to remove the promotion and the image.  Let’s move past this and act like civil people.

Style File: All Things Harpers Bazaar

January 3, 2018

style-file1Today in Style File I will be talking about how this year I will be checking out to see the latest trends for the Spring/Summer 2018 seasons Harper Bazaar, my all time favorite magazine.  So far they are giving up spring and summer trends we can start wearing now, which is I think is exciting.

If you dare to be daring, you can jazz up your wardrobe by recreating these looks with what you have in your closet.  Harpers Bazaar is giving up pastels, sequin, checkered prints, and plastic.  Yes, I said it…plastics.  If you have been paying attention to the fashion trends over the past decades, you will have noticed that plastic has been incorporated into the fashion scene in a rather fashionable way that makes it look sexy…if you go for that sort of thing.  Sequin styles are always fun.  You can dress it up without taking away from the allure of it.  Mainstream fashion designers are giving us an edge on fashion with pastel blazers thrown in with a tull overlay skirt, over sized checkered coats with huge bows, and a-line sequin dress with a hint of shimmer just to light up the night.

Whatever tickles your fancy, I will be diving in to these new trends for the Spring/Summer 2018 season and share back with you the hues and views.

A Note from the Moderator: Ringing in the New Year

January 2, 2018

imagesHello everyone, and happy new year.  I hope all of my readers and followers out there had a great Holiday Season and a fabulous New Year’s Day.  It’s time to get down to business and look at ahead at what’s new.  I’m back to blogging on a regular basis.  Working to keep up with’s what’s new in the world of fashion, beauty, health, and of course, my favorite, shoes.  I have not updated my shoes list for the 2017 year, so I will be taking some time to do that.

I am looking to start some projects — hopefully — get myself back out there in the world of fashion.  I will keep everyone posted.  I’ve updated the email — if anyone has sent me an email, I apologize if I have not responded.  But rest assure I will be answering emails.  You can email me at  Makes you add that to your list to receive in your inbox.

FB_IMG_1508643878150This year I will be talking about all things fashion and beauty mostly as I rebuild AtStudio5 and make it more relevant among the fashion scene again like it once was.  And there will be some new things going on with Styled By Rene as well.

With the Spring/Summer 2018 on its way, I want to start looking at what some of the new trends are as I work to bring those styles to you.  I really liked the floral styles last season.  They were bright, colorful and very complimentary as they went well with a variety of shoes if well coordinated.

In 2017 I decked myself out in many of the floral styles, even with new hair styles to kick off the summer season.

If you remember, too, some of the favorite colors were burgundy, olive green, and yellow gold.  At last those were some of the top colors I noticed among the floral trend.

Strappy lace up sandals were a fave, too, especially in the denim style worn with jean capri pants.  There were a lot of denim shoe styles to take your pick from.  I was not too thrilled about the peep toe denim thigh high boots.  But I think this year I will give them a try.

With that said, let’s get going into the new year and see what trends are revving up the fashion industry.


A Note from the Moderator: Back on the Fashion Scene

October 3, 2017

Hair 05.2017-1Hello all of my fashionistas…It’s been quite a long time but I am happy to say I am back after 9 months.  A lot’s happened — the loss of my husband back in July and making the decision to physically move out of California as one of his final wishes.  Starting my new life in Washington.  It’s a beautiful state, I have lots to see, and adjusting is not as hard as I thought it would be.

I have kept up the spirit of fashion — keeping up with the trends and checking out what the season fashions have been.

Stay tuned for some hot hitting articles, updates on the shoe galleries, and much more.  I am happy to be getting back to one of my passions.  Hope you all will continue to support AtStudio5.

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