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The 6-Inch of a Mile High

February 17, 2010

I have always wondered what it would be like to wear 6-inch high heels.  Although I’d only conquored the ordeal of wearing as high as 5-inch, I have always been amazed at how top fashion models and women in the adult entertainmenet industry could wear them so easily.  So I decided that one of these days I’d give it a whirl, and when the opportunity presented itself, of course, I took no time in taking advantage of the opportunity.

I got these beauties from  They come with a snakeskin-like adjustable ankel strap, cushioned foot bed and a 1 1/4 (or so) platform, with a 6-inch heel.  Ideal for wearing out on a night out on the town, but not wearing to the office. 

If ever there was a time I was overwhelmed at wearing shoes, it was now, and believe me, I was a bit more shocked than anything when I pulled them out of the box. 

They can be best worn with a nice pair of white caprice pants, or a sexy dress nicely color coordinated, or a hot pair of white slacks, which you can easily find at Victoria’s Secret or probably at Frederick’s of Hollywood.

6-inch heels are also best known to be worn in the adult entertainment industry among strip dancers, notably.  But as the fashion industry continues to evolve over time, we are seeing more of the adult industry worn shoes filter down into the modern lifestyles of women who are adorned by the new jack swing of fashion from the flip flops to the flats, from the sneakers to the wedge boots, the fashion of shoes are taking new form as the years progress.

This is a new twist for me.  It’s different and, of course, is going to take some serious getting use to, so what do I do, I keep on trying them on and getting a feel for being taller than the 5 ft, 1 inch tall that I really am.  Though, it’s fun to get to camouflage my height even for just a moment.

The key to wearing high heel shoes is good foot care.  Wearing what you’re comfortable with, and practice is everything.  Never wear high heel shoes you are not comfortable in wearing because you can create serious damage to your feet which is sometimes unrepairable.

While these shoes feel comfortable in wearing the first time around, the test will be wearing them out of the house and for more than an hour to get the full taste of them.  How do I rate these amazing shoes?  I rate them a “5.”  Why?  They are stylish, can be coordinated with any dress outfit, and the platform makes for ease of wearing.  I’d never wear a 6-inch high heel single-sole.  Just not my idea of comfort for long wear.

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