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My Ivory Calvin Klein

February 23, 2010

As long as I can remember I’ve admired Calvin Klein’s fashion.  Especially the way it appeals to women of casual taste, and to women who have a trendy flare about them.

Born in Bronx, NY, he is one of the top 10 designers in the world who, in my opinion, far exceeds my expectations and I’m always on the look out for what’s new in his line.

Usually I can spot a Calvin Klein design.  Just in following his style from previous years to current.  And I’m almost never wrong.

Recently I’ve stumbled across sweater dresses that are definitely in style today that can be found in department stores, and stores that deal in designer fashion but at cost below retail.

This suit I am wearing is Calvin Klein.  Notice the sheath dress with the zipper in the back and the crop jacket.  I also have a black one in a similar design.

 I can wear this piece to work especially when there are meetings taking place and I have to be present for any specific reason.   The shoes are from Cathy Jean in the Westside Pavilion in West Los Angeles.  Cream colored Brazilian T-Straps with a 5-inch heel, 1/2 inch platform, cushioned foot bed, and ankle strap.  Priced just below $30.  These gems were a steal!  I couldn’t walk out the store without making them a part of my collection of shoes.

What I especially like about this suit is that it can also be worn as a summer dress without the jacket.  The 100% polyester blend is comfortable and easy to wear.

This is just one of my favorite ensembles to wear and you can guarantee I don’t deviate from this ensemble because it just goes together so well.

The T-Straps are the second pair of 5-inch heels I’ve owned.  The first in a high heel sandal.  It’s easier for me to wear them because of the platform, and they are not hard on my feet.  However, I will never, ever wear a single sole 5-inch again.  I did once when I had my two-toned 5-inch pumps…talk about uncomfortable.

Today platforms are getting away from the adult entertainment industry and are transitioning more into the corporate world, incorporating sex appeal with the working woman.  It’s just sending a message that we can dress up the suits and skirt and blouse without over stepping our boundaries.

In an opinion, work clothes, all together, have evolved into the trend-setting era.  Designers like Calvin Klein are continuing to set the stage for the more modern woman to feel maintain her casualness by spicing it up just a bit.

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