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The Classic Black Pump

February 24, 2010

Over the years black pumps has been the more appropriate shoes to wear especially in the work place.  Evenings out has been graced with black pumps for many, many years, but as time has passed and we’ve seen decades an decades of black high heel pumps, it’s only fair to say that designers have gotten clever in their design.

As we all know, in truth there is only the classy classic black high heel pump.  It’s not a part of any trendy fad or social gathering, there are no thick heels or platforms, it’s not associated to the sandals family, and there are no unique styles or designs with the classic black high heel pump.  It is kept in simple form.  Next to the classic black high heel pumps are the sling backs which is a step up, but even in today’s time, the sling backs have  been given a significant uplift in their styles and designs. 

One web site I like that really defines the truth behind classic black pumps is Classic Pumps at  They’ve really put it into perspective of what the classic black pump is all about.

Moving forward, my favorite black high heel pumps have gone beyond being classic, and have come to be those with the pointed toe and covered (or uncovered) platform, with a 4  to 5 inch heel.  As shown below (from, these delightful beauties are textured patent faux leather upper in a dress pump style with a pointed toe.  They have a smooth lining and smooth footbed.  They are dressed with a 3/4 inch hidden platform and 4 3/4 inch heel.

For the price, I ordered two pairs because even with the many styles, designs and colors of shoes I have, I have to always have a good pair of black high heels.  Brown is good…black is better.

Platforms have become the latest rage in fashion to date as a variety of shoes known to be mesmerized in the adult entertainment industry are now becoming more visible in social lifestyles and in the work place.  But know that there are the do’s and don’ts to wearing platform shoes to work.

The classic black high heel pump has been given a facelift and more modern-day women are turning their attention to the newest and latest styles.

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