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This Week in Style for Friday, Feb. 26: Prada Revisits her Strengths

February 26, 2010

Apparently Prada’s most recent RTW fashion show has gotten many eyebrow-raising remarks.  After reading the initial article in I had to see for myself just what has many in the world of fashion talking about.  And just as I had imagined, and  just from reading, then seeing the slideshow, she had pulled from the very depth of her soul of creativity to bring to light styles, blends and looks that graced the runway with a new and revisited perspective on fashion.  But I must say the models looked like Barbie dolls.  Seriously!

The tweed, cotton and cable are definitely a trademark of hers with the pointy bra and pointy toe shoe, tapping into the era of the 50-60’s look only to be reborn into a life that one can only wonder, “what’s next.”  Let’s keep in mind, too, that the pointy toe shoe has really made a huge splash in the fashion industry. 

She’s incorporated the A-shaped skirt with the design of textured, cable knit dresses which gives it style and appeal.  The big collar doubled on the jackets and dresses is different and I don’t think I’ve seen that done.  It’s not something I don’t think other designers can master and make it work the way Prada has. 

 The cable knit socks are an added plus to

the dresses and the shoes themselves are glamorously unique. 

The entire looks takes you back to the golden era when actresses looked like they were wearing pointy bras and wearing body shapers that seemed to have just sucked in the very essence of their breathing power to give them that glamorous look of way back when. 

The dark colors are not too shabby, in fact are ideal fall/winter wear colors.  This is probably the first time I’ve actually laid eyes on her fashion and seem to realize she is something I’ve been missing.  She has a since of an intentional creative vision, and bringing what she did back to the lime light in a revamped sort of way just speaks volumes for her creativity and inspiring vision.

I like what she brought to her show, having been reported in saying, “it’s normal clothes.”  I love the non-chalant attitude she has and the boldness to bring something she’s done before back to add flare.  All in all, I love it.

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