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March 3, 2010 Today in Fashion: Lourdes in Fashion

March 3, 2010

Last week, or so it was, I briefly read an article in Yahoo! News about celeb teen’s high priced fashion and it lead to me think that this is really the direction where the fashion industry has taken us.  Especially when you consider Hilary Duff and Hannah Montana who have both had a huge splash early in their career.  Now, here comes Madonna’s kid…high priced fashion?  Seriously.  They seem like their getting younger and younger.

Word on the block is Lourdes Ciccone Leon, age 13, is already leading fashion trends among young girls today.  Sporting clothes unlike her pop legend, iconic mom, Madonna, who rocked the scene with her lace gloves and head gear — shaping the trends all over the world for Madonna followers, Lourdes is setting the stage for young girls who have been reported buying what she wears in New York.  In the article, Madonna stated that it is Lourdes who is always being asked if their ensemble looks alright and not Madonna.  It is simple a testament of Lourdes’ talent, which with guidance, can take her a long way.

The question on everybody’s mind is, “will she be more popular than her legendary mother?”  In all fairness, it would be unfair to compare Lourdes to her mother whom we all know is in a whole league of her own.  Lourdes has established her own identity [at 13] which I’m sure many girls in her age group are admiring her for and are looking up to her for.

Leather jackets, micro-min skirts, striped leggings, a funky top, lace-up military looking boots have always been in fashion, and have been the favorite of many of our younger generation, but in all due respect, I guess it takes one celebrity off spring to actually put it together in an ensemble and make it look wearable, thus a new trend is born.   The mini-me Madonna has also been seen sporting a pair of $600 Christian Louboutins.  Now that’s a price tag I’m having a hard time washing out of my mouth.  Not everyone can lay down that kind of money in one wop.

There’s no doubt that she is spoiled by her father, Carlos Leon, 42.  She is his princess as he so put it.  The bottom line is that this young girl is very well on her way to bigger and greater things just so as long as she is not sidetracked by the glam of the fashion industry and forgets where she comes from.  If she remains true to herself, I think we can see great things from the young las, who will not doubt gain a huge following.

Best thing her parents can do is be there for her, support her, and guide her, and watch her develop into a beautiful young woman with a vision in fashion.

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