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Sex and the City, The Second Time Around

March 3, 2010

I am what you call a HUGE fan of Sex and the City.  I’ve seen just about every episode, share one love fling after anther with Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), and have experienced with her one issue after another with her dear friends Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte.  So you know I couldn’t wait to see the movie which introduced Jennifer Hudson (who was absolutely dynamite). 

Now when you talk about fashion, the first movie absolutely had it.  No doubt about it.  I’ve found myself saying, “now I’ve got to get me a pair of those,” or “I need that dress,” or “where I can I get that coat.”  It was something or another. 

Well, after much anticipation, I’ve finally been able to get my eyes on the first glance of photos from the sequel.  Yes!  The sequel.  Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are returning for round two and I just can’t wait.

I just love the blue dress (blue’s my favorite color by the way).  It’s easy to get away with carrying a hobo bag like this because it can pretty much with everything, and the T-strap sandals are always a plus and can dress up a nice summery ensemble.     The photo comes from, Getty, and Barney’s.  The Silvia bag is priced at a wopping $1,795 and can be found at  The Gino T-strap sells for $865.  I found this number to call, call 888-222-7639.

As we move in to brace ourselves for the sequel to hit theaters, this picture is an example of what we can expect to see.  And for you Footwear aficionados you can easily spot the Louboutins’ Pigalle Pumps by their red sole, priced at $3,040…Ouch!  She is wearing a Heritage dress and effortlessly carrying a Chanel clutch.  Sheer elegance!  Photo from WireImage, Startraks and  PacificCoastNews.

I anxiously await the first trailers of the sequel which will reveal it’s theater premier.  So that I can be front and center, cheering on the ladies as they take on new adventures, challenges, and journeys.  Remember in the first movie Carrie ended up marrying Big after all.  Let’s see where their lives as being married takes them and lets see if Miranda’s marriage actually survives and will Charlotte have more kids and what about Samantha, did her sex life kick up again in full speed?  All these questions I want to know.  And I’ll be channeling the internet to see what other famed designers will be gracing the movie from start to finish.

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