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Men in Style

March 10, 2010

Jeans, Khakis, Polo shirts, hoodies, button downs, pull over sweaters, shirt and tie, I think I described everything in my boyfriend’s wardrobe, but whatever your man’s style is, is what you’ll see today’s man wearing.  Whether in the office, hanging out, or just lounging around.   But if you’re talking sprucing up his wardrobe just a tad bit, I can guarantee you that this year’s fashion is definitely something to consider.

So, I didn’t want to leave out our men of fashion especially since I’ve been trying to keep a close eye on the many fashion shows going on, what designers are doing this year and what we can expect to see in the coming spring and summer months.

So far I’ve been seeing some really great styles and there’s no denying that the spring/summer 2010 RTWs in men styles will definitely not disappoint and will serve up something hot and spicy for our men. 

In my perusing Dolce & Gabbana (above)certainly continues to spice it up with the favorite ripped jeans look and saucy neck scarf.  Definitely not an eye sore.

Moving along I got a glimpse of what Prada is dressing today’s man in with the sleeveless gray top and shell underneath, gray pants really brings back the color in new exciting style and the hat sets off the ensemble just nicely.  Though I like the shoes, I probably would have gone with a two-tone black/gray or a darker shade of gray to really set of the color ensemble.

Also from Milan Spring 2010 comes John Varvatos with his “Adam Lambert” look.  I like the look because it screams mysterious, but out there with a hint of seduction.  I could definitely see Adam Lambert sporting this kind of gear this year.  Oh, yes, I am an Adam Lambert fan, and for those of you who don’t know, he was the runner-up to American Idol season 2009 — I so was cheering for him to win.   This could be a good look for Chris Allen, too, now that I think about it.  He is the current reigning American Idol.

Stripes in men’s pants is definitely in this year.  This is a good look for going out to the club scene or a concert event.

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