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Can’t Get Enough of Louis Vuitton

March 11, 2010

This isn’t going to be much of a spotlight, but I read an interesting article on Louis Vuitton.  And it just renews why I love it so much.

The Associated Press did a splendid job covering and reporting on the close of the fashion shows in Paris with Louis Vuitton taking up the rear with it’s show of beautiful well curved models which is a breath of fresh air from the thin models who, to me, look like they haven’t eaten in months.

I love when the Associated Press stated, “The smash lineup of curvier models was a welcome change from the rail thin teenagers who dominate today’s catwalks. The girls at Vuitton were the picture of refined elegance, strolling leisurely around a fountain in the middle of the set.”  I don’t think they could have said it any better. 

I took a gander at their collection and did see some similarities from the Christian Dior “New Look,” but you must admit, though as it comes from an era that is so different from current times, it’s more than greatly embraced, and has a unique flavor that sets it apart from what other designers are doing, but it’s a revolution in fashion that is being reborn.  It’s bringing back in full form the rebirth of wool designs, prints and skirt suits which I’m sure are going to rock the fashion lineup this spring and summer.

Marc Jacobs crosses bariers by not doing any of the sports-like fashion, keep true to form in what he’s really about and his vision of what women “should” be wearing that represents their beauty inside and out.

I’ve loved Louis Vuitton since the early 80’s and have had the fortunate opportunity of owning hand bags and clutch purses during my younger years (when I could afford it then), but now as I’ve grown up, become a mother myself, the idea of owning some of today’s top fashion and accessories is a very close dream, which I hope someday to make an investment in the line just to revive myself.

Marc Jacobs continues to intrigue audience with his 1950’s classic look letting women feel “right” for the moment.  Dressing them in — how it was described as —  “big bottom jackets cut with peplum hems that were the epitome of feminine gentility, wide A-line coats in boucle wool and some very charming printed floral organza dresses.”   The designers remains true to his vision while capturing an era which I just happen to adore to date.  Doris Day, Katherine Hepburn, Gretta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Lauren Bacall — women who continued crossing milestones not just in films but in the fashion industry as well.

Designers today are able to reach back in that era and creatively bring to light the older generation can appreciate and the generation of today can admire and be a part of.  But — and this is just my opinion — very few  can bring older fashion into today’s industry and truly not deviate too much from what it is supposed to be.

Read the article here,

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