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This Week in, It’s a Definite Fashion No-No

March 11, 2010

Many of us consider ourselves fashionistas when it comes to looking our best when we walk out the door.  Fashion can be a hit and miss sometimes, and for more than others it’s just a complete hot miss.  No, I didn’t mean hot mess!  But it is that, too, in some cases.  I’m going to attempt to point out on a weekly basis what I have found or discovered to be complete fashion no-no’s.

Scrap those Overalls:  Who still wears them?  Now, I see men who can wear them and actually make them look good, but some women I see wear them, it’s a pure disgrace to “putting on clothes.”  Like I say, if you have to second guess an outfit, don’t wear it.”  I stopped wearing overalls shortly after my daughter was born, realizing that they just weren’t all that stylish any more, but I enjoyed how comfortable they were.  I kept them around and wore them to run quick errands and around the house.  They are ideal if you live in the country when you’re working out in the field, or if you have a garden you can work in, or cleaning out your garage.  Overalls are one style I have not seen revamped.

Pajamas to the Mall:  I see this all the time and it just drives me insane.  I mean, come on, if you have time to get up, eat breakfast, fart around the house, talk on the phone, chances are there is time to shower and put on some clean clothes.  Just because those pink clouds looks cute, doesn’t necessarily mean they are fashionable to wear out in public.  And what’s sad, too, is you can almost spot pajamas anywhere.  About a few weeks back while out shopping with my mom and my daughter, I was sitting in the car with my daughter and we saw this young girl and guy, both had on pajamas.  She had on a scarf on her head and he had on a do-rag.  Both their pajama pants were D-I-R-T-Y and she had on a black bomber jacket that was so small, I swear she was having a hard time breathing, and you could literally see the skid marks in his pajama pants.  And his supposed-t0-be-white T-shirt had so many stains on it, it was just ridiculous.

Pajamas mean just what they mean…night time wear.  I don’t care if they came from Victoria’s Secret.  Leave them at home.

That’s Not  Your Shoe Size, Part 1:  I talked about this in another one of my blogs.  This picture was emailed to me by a friend of mine who said, “you being a shoe love would appreciate this.”  So when I opened the image I was speechless, as you can see, you see why.  Who does this?  This is just wrong.  The person this foot belongs to no doubt ruined a good pair of shoes.  It’s just not natural to do this to a good pair of shoes.  She knew good and well the shoes were too small for her, who hypnotised her into believing she could wear them?

In my shoe blog I stated, “polka dot shoes is definitely the style now.  And they are coming in many different styles; tennis, flats and high heels, just to name a  few.   Jennifer Lopez did it best when she came out with the polka dot high heel platform sandals — very sheik and sexy.   But here in this picture, this woman clearly defied the laws of shoe size.  This is just wrong…wrong, I tell you.  What was she thinking?  What did she expect to achieve?  Did she actually take the time to get dressed and leave the house wearing these very small sized shoes?  What’s worse is she has ugly toes.  No offense, but come on, I am just calling it like it is.  I hope she doesn’t find this appealing, because to see any woman’s toes sitting on the ground or hanging completely off the shoes when she wears open toed shoes or sandals makes me physically sick.  And I am a shoe lover to heart!”

A well-rounded man loves a well dressed woman.  I’m a true testament to that!  If he see’s that her hair is nice, her makeup is applied nicely, she smells nice, she’s wearing nice clothes, but gets down to her feet and her toes are all over the place, don’t you think his stomach is going to turn?  I can’t emphasize this enough, “ladies, where your right sized shoe!”  If you’re a size 9, for the love of God, don’t try to put on a size 7 1/2 or 8.  It’s just common sense.

I’m a fan of the hottest, sexiest looking shoes just as the next person, but I also know better than to wear a shoe that isn’t my size.  Again, it  is just using a level of common sense.  Now don’t get me wrong, some of us can get a way with wearing a half size smaller or larger, but it solely depends on how the shoe is made.  Keep that little known fact in mind.

Middle Aged Women and the Go-G0, Disco Look:  In a TV show I was watching on Discovery Health they showed this woman who was probably in her 50’s and still dressing like she was a go-go dancer, heading out to the disco, and she was overweight.  Now leather mini skirts went out with the 80’s.  I can’t remember the last time I saw one.  Leather can be an iffy fashion idea, often falling into the, “Oh, no she didn’t wear that,” or “who told him he looked good in leather pants,” “I guess no body told her that skirt was too tight,” criteria.

Go-go boots went out when Welcome Back Carter went off the air and the Partridge Family was no longer America’s favorite television family.  Micro mini skirts are best worn by the women of an exotic personality.  The point I’m trying to make is, middle age doesn’t mean young, youthful and totally hip in fashion.  Get with the program.  Even conservative has been given a face lift that has gong outside of the normal traditional wears, keeping it trendy but for the much more mature crowd.

You can still wear your skinny jeans, but remember you got a lot more going on than some of these younger women.  And you can still enjoy a hot sexy dress and high heels shoes, just remember you’re not in your twenties any more, not all of us got cleavage we can sport.

Nylons with High Heels Sandals…What Again with This?:  Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been schooled by the best (they weren’t famous celebs, but they knew a thing or two about fashion sense) and the one thing that’s been grilled into my skull is “you just don’t wear nylons with high heel sandals or open toed shoes.  Wash your feet, put some lotion on them and get a nice pedicure and call it a day.  You don’t need the nylons (or tights) when you wear high heel sandals or open toed shoes.  While I’m at it, white shoes and black nylons…a definite no-no.  And if you got nude color nylons, burn them so you wont be tempted to wear them ever again.

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