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My Fashion Views at LA’s Taping of America’s Got Talent, March 13, 2010

March 15, 2010

America’s Got Talent kicked off their season with shooting their first shows right here in the city of Los Angeles, shot at the Orpheum Theater downtown where the fashion scene from the live audience-to-be was not as red carpeted as one would have expected — given the strict instructions of the dress code. 

Perhaps I am just one of the rare few who actually takes a moment to focus on the definition of “dress code” and always ready to take it to the limit where I know I have far exceded the expectations of “looking good,” going beyond the ability to rise above the occassion and be noticed as being “dressed to impress for the occassion.”  Even my daughter sported her stylish black boots decorated with buckles, with a pair of gray jean-like pants (but are not jeans) with a cute rose pink laced tank top and a black glittery tie sweater to set the outfit off just right.  Her hair was freshly done and flat ironed (hair by Jeffrey of My Tuch hair salon, Los Angeles).  But you can’t compare to the ones who stepped out with the attempt to be pleasingly dressed for what was to be promised as a fun and exciting evening.

From jeans to flip flops, from short short dresses and skirts to high and umcomfortable shoes, it was no wonder that many went through great lengths to impress the camera — where others succeeded in their efforts, others failed misserably.  It was an evening where the fashion sense met the no-fashion sense.

So, let me ask why do most of us wear body shapers?  To hide the unsightly rolls and belly bulges that tend to take away from the purpose of the outfit.  It’s my experience that if you’re going to wear a rayon/cotten blend type of dress and whether or not you have those rolls I swear against, you are going to want to cover it up — camouflage it at best to give you a smoother, trimmed appearance.  Or to just allow the dress to add more flattery to your style.  Regular underwear or thongs just don’t cut it for the kind of dress that young femme was wearing.

Five inch high heels are not ideal for this kind of event when you’re going to be standing for more than an hour before you’re actually let in to the venue and have to wait to be seated.  This was the case of one young girl whom, while dressed in an amazing black ensemble, her shoes didn’t seem to leave her much comfort as to having had to wait in line for more than an hour and a half.  How did I know they were five inches high?  I’m a shoe-fanista, it’s my business to know!  They had a 1 inch platform and her feet dipped a little more than in a 4 1/2 inch heel — but she was working it nonetheless.

Not everyone can do the Ciara look.  Pimples and light bright colored eye makeup is just not giving the come-hither look, and bright lipstick — with her complexion just wasn’t working and if you add the fact that she was a bit over weight and wearing tight fitting clothes, seeming to be something from a Ciara video…the entire ensemble just screamed disaster.  I would say that the only this young girl had going for her was her hair evenly curled with sheen and volume…it was the best thing on her.

Fellas, not at all events do we need to see ya’ll sagging.  Not  everyone wants to know what color draws you are wearing.  But let me give it up to the young gentlemen who were deliciously dressed.  Yum!  They were a sight for an old woman’s eyes.  Perfectly coordinated in their silk blend button down shirts, neatly tucked down in their freshly creased jeans, and clean and spotless shoes that matched the ensemble well.  Their hair closely cut and were clean shaven, gives new hope to how our young men should be dressed.  And let’s not forget about the sexy suit wearers who were shining in their own red carpet appearance. 

Overall, the evening was fun and exciting.  Howie Mandel was sexy as ever with his bald head, and his stripped button down shirt.  His smiles makes you forget about everything else and his personality outshines him.  Sharon Ozborne was a beautiful as ever and she’s even prettier in person (as old as she is) but she’s forever young.  And then there’s Piers the Simon Cowell of the show.  In spite of what some may think, this was the first time I got a good close look at the man and he’s not a bad looking man.  He’s even hot looking in his suit.  I’m sure when he’s not shooting down good acts, he’s even sexier than one would expect.

The season airs the first week in June.  Be sure to watch it.  It promises to be another exciting season.

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