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It’s All About Kristen Stewart’s Look

March 18, 2010

Let’s talk a moment about why I like her.  For one, she always wears breathtaking fashion wear, and her hair is always seductively done. 

She can get away with wearing so many hair styles that they never really take away from her beauty, in fact they add to it and adds spotlight to the many minis you always see her in.

Her hair style here is a simple French twist with side bangs is a style anyone (even me) can duplicate using hair pins or the right kind of combs to hold in place.

It appears that the starlet has a close attachment to her mini’s and doesn’t mind showing off her legs.  As it was seen as she attended the premiere of the Runaways with Dakota Fanning in New York City. 

I’m loving the hairdo and the overall fashion look.  She could be ready to rip it up strolling down any runway at a fashion show because she’s definitely got the look.

And I’m happy to see Dakota Fanning looking all grown up and glamorous.  The movie the Runaways looks like it will be an interesting movie to see.

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