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My Next Urban Must Haves

March 18, 2010

Telling me I don’t need another pair of shoes is like telling me I can’t watch my favorite television show.  What’s so ironic is every woman I talk to who has a shoe fetish will tell you, “you never have enough pairs of shoes,” especially with the way styles and trends changes, with how designers get creative with color — no, you never have enough shoes, and not every shoe goes with every outfit. 

So, my latest must haves come from  The Buckle Peep Toe Booties are complete with a 4 1/2-inch high heel, hidden platform and extra soft insole for walking comfort.

I love these because they can be dressed up with a cute pair of capris or a hot pair of skinny jeans.  They are priced at $25.20.  They can also be found at at $27.99 or Make Me Chic at $24.00.  But I’m getting them from because they have a dynamite sell going on, which ends Friday, March 19, that I just can’t pass up, and plus they communicate very well with their customers, being that they have a huge following.  You can get 30% off their entire site.  Or take free shipping on orders over $50, whichever you choose. 

Make Me Chic has a good selection, too, but choosing a billing address and a separate shipping address can be problematic, but if you don’t mind, I’d say try them, too.

Wear these and you’re definitely the talk of the town by far, and you’ll be considered current on what today’s trends are all about.

  I’ll be sporting these with my white skinny jeans with the rhinestone designs on the back pockets, and a cute summer top to set off the ensemble. 

In the past year I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone to try something new and different.  Taking risks with new styles I probably would have never worn before.  So as the year progresses, I’m excited to see what other styles I’d be willing to incorporate into my collection of shoes.

Updated March 19, 2010

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