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Outfit of the Day

March 26, 2010

Los Angeles is supposed to have gorgeous weather today — in the low to mid 70’s — cutting into the 80+ degree weather we are expected to have over the weekend. 

So, today I thought I’d get things moving with wearing a cute white crop/waist length thin crochet sweater by “Say What?” over a turquoise spandex/rayon blend tank with a sassy, funky U/V-type neckline (it’s a V-neck with a sort of a U-shape) with my white dress shorts from Jones New York, and I’m wearing the white high heel sandals I featured in my Blue & White post which are Dollhouse.  And get this the entire outfit came from Ross!  And I didn’t pay a fortune.  Ok, now my bling-bling are the earings I picked up from Daniel’s Jewelers during one of their 74% off sales back in 2008…they are a 10 carat gold drop hoop with 1/8 CT. diamonds and they seem to almost match my necklace; I am wearing a two-tone gold with a silver outline watch by Style & Co. which my daughter got me for Christmas 2009 from Macy.

My bracelet is also from Daniel’s Jewelers and has 1/8 CT diamonds, designed with a Triple Row “S” shaped look and is set elegantly in Sterling Silver. 

I will have to say from looking in the mirror that the entire outfit is well coordinated, provides a comfortable fit, ideal for office wear and is ready for today’s weather.  

 I’ll have either other photos or a video highlighting the rest of my outfit soon. 

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