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From Zero to 180+

March 30, 2010

I started this blog February 2010 not really knowing what to expect, except that in every way fashionably possible, I wanted to do my part in showing my love and passion for the fashion industry as a whole.  It’s amazing what research can do and where it can lead you.

The highlight has been viewing online the many captured videos of the Fashion Weeks in Milan, Paris, New York, Los Angeles — very exciting and thrilling for me to get a sneak peek at what everyone up close was able to see. has been just been phenomenal to me, almost like I can’t get enough, and there is so much to see at Fashion Industry Network.  Being able to do my “This Week in Fashion” segment is an absolute delight.  But I must say Independent Fashion Bloggers is my fav — the way everyone connects there.  You have to check them out if you haven’t already done so.

It’s been an amazing journey in the two months my blog has been out there in virtualville.  The people I’ve come across have been dynamite and the twist to it all is that I’m opening my eyes to a world I’ve only known very little about up until now; the new designers, trends, accessories, and so on and so forth.  But the most exciting moment was signing up with and being able to see all of the events taking place for Los Angeles’ Fashion Week.  I am just having the time of my life.

Having said that, this is a special thanks to my viewers and readers, the sites I belong to and those on my blog roll; those I’m following on Twitter…You’ve all been super in welcoming my blog into your world.  I can’t wait to see where Studio5 goes next.

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