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The Best Uses for a Sharpie

March 30, 2010

Of course there are a variety of uses for a Sharpie; writing on an easle pad, flash cards, etc.  One use I’ve found that a Sharpie works best is covering up scuff marks on shoes.

Oh, come on, don’t act like I’m the only one who scuffed the toe, back or sides of my favorite black pumps, sandals and/or boots and left an obvious ugly scuff mark.  I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel self-conscious when I’m wearing scuffed up shoes, just seems to throw off my entire outfit, especially when I’ve gone through the trouble of buying them. 

Let me tell you, the day I was turned on to the big black marker seemed to change the way I saw markers entirely and every since then, you won’t catch me with out a Sharpie.

Yes, I give my fat black Sharpie marker much credit for what it can do to spruce up a pair of black shoes, whether its my pumps, high heel sandals, or my sassy boots.  Anyone who notices the touch-up job (when you can’t get to the shoe repair right away) is simply way too close, and is just being nosey. 

Now there is an amazing shoe repairer I go to in the Baldwin Hills Shopping Plaza.  His prices are reasonable, can get a job done in a day, and when he recaps my heels, I can go a few more years on them.  I tell ya, the sole will eventually give out before the heel does.  I haven’t given him a test drive on color touch up or changing, but I’m sure if he’s been in that location all these years, that he can burn on some coloring jobs.

At any rate the Sharpie works in a pinch of second for last minute bumps and scrapes that are minor at best and little noticable once you apply the marker to any particular area when you just want a quick touch-up.  I’d recommend it on leather material, it tends to work best, whereas on patent leather material it tends to leave a much noticable mark.  It would be ideal on some tennis and flats, too. 

I wouldn’t use a Sharpie on suede only because of the texture and it may call for special care to repair scuff marks, then  again, replacing it may be best because of wear and tear. 

Be careful using color Sharpie’s on your more colorful shoes, it’s been my experience that matching up the colors is hard as hell.  Try to avoid using a Sharpie on areas where you’re about to run a whole into the soul or toe of the shoes.  That would just look plain silly and that’s just being lazy.  Go and spend the money to replace those old shoes!

So, that’s my take on best uses for a Sharpie.

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