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The Blackest Sweets

April 3, 2010

Here’s my first post for April!  You know, sometimes I get excited when it comes to high heels.  Especially when I find some that just take my breath away.  And there’s just something about black high heels, whether sandals or pumps that just screams a sensation of sensuosity.   It’s about how they appeal to one’s sexuality if you’re a fashionista and get that involved with how you look when you’re stepping out, whether to work or out for the evening.  And me being me, when I happen to stumble across a “HOT” pair of high heels, I have to take a moment to bask in its delightfulness.

These are my latest find.  During an afternoon of a cool breezy day while having stepped out of the office to get myself some lunch.  I popped into Ross — they were having their “Shoe Week” event.  So naturally, I thought [again] “why not?”

I had seen these in a size 8 then it hit me, “hmm…I wonder if they have them in a size 7” and wouldn’t you know it, they had one pair left.  At $14.99, do you really think I was going to let them slip by me just that easily?  They are by Joey O.  I’ve purchased Joey O shoes before, but cannot recall them being as sexy as these.

The sleek 5 inch heel, the 1 inch platform gives to a well designed shoe.  I like the straps and how they come across the instep…doesn’t have a tight fit…fits just nicely.  And the ankle strap is flexible enough if in the right hole to just slip off without unbuckling.  It has a semi-cushioned footbed.  The patent black leather material adds flair and accentuates the overall design.  I think Joey O has designed another great shoe and I’m very curious to see what their spring/summer collection looks like.

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