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The Shoes of Mount Everest, The Avalanche Waiting to Happen

April 4, 2010

As put by my daughter, besides this being one hot mess, she calls it  “Mount Everest, an avalanche waiting to happen.”   And believe it or not, since this picture was taken, there have been some new additions.  Among these shoe boxes you will find one pair of high heels after another; sandals, pumps, wedges, slingbacks — ranging from GUESS, Ralph Lauren, Steve Madden, Jennifer Lopez, Delicious, Michael Antonio, Wild Diva, Fredericks of Hollywood, Pleasers USA, Qupid, and the list goes on.  There is a slue of colors, designs, styles to fit almost any and every occasion.  Work, play,  travel, you name the event, I most likely have the shoe.

Following trends became important to me when I embarked upon my quest to build on a shoe empire that would afford me to have shoes for every day of the week.  And the best thing about it is I didn’t pay a fortune for them.  Though you see these shoe boxes here, what you don’t see is what’s in the closet and what’s under my side of the bed.  How many are there?  Oh, I went to count them just recently and stopped at 105.  I just gave away two pair and turned around and replaced what I gave away with something more trendy and stylish.

From time to time I take a moment to go through them to ween out the badly worn and give them their traditional burial.  In my latest inventory count, I have managed to not have any this time around.  My boyfriend just huffs at the fact that another pair of shoes has entered our domain.  And that my daughter is following right behind me.  She’s a girl with a trendy style, so you know I have to keep her up-to-date with the hottest fashions.  I can’t have my daughter — age 15 — looking shabby.  Right now we’re planning her 16th birthday party for December and so far the plan is to have two dresses with two pairs of shoes.  One to make her entrance in and one to finish out the evening.  Yes, we’ve been watching that “Sweet 16” show that spotlights the spoiled little rich girls who throw temper tantrums when they can’t have their way.  No, my daughter’s not like that because she knows I have a zero tolerance for temper tantrums.  I’d pull the plug on the entire party period.

Anyway, I have shoes for jeans, capris, summer dresses, shorts; shoes for the seasons, here lies the different types of boots.  And with the boots there are the well coordinated coats, jackets and sweaters.  When I step out the door it’s about being in fashion whether it’s 100 degrees out of 55 degrees.  And let’s talk about the night life.  There are the shoes that are specifically for clubbing.  With each outfit I wear out to strut my stuff, there has to be a hot pair of high heels to set the stage just right because when I walk into the club I’d like all eyes on me.  Well, at least to be noticed that I look nice.

It’s hard organizing my shoes on the count we live in a small house so space has become very, very limited over the past 13 years.  We’re either wall-to-wall in electronic gadgets or up to our necks in shoes and clothes between both my daughter and I.  My boyfriend will tell you quick, “I don’t have any closet space.”  And I hate to admit, he’s right.  I’ve toyed with the idea of moving but the bottom line is, where are we going to move to that can offer us the kind of security we have now and at the rent we pay now?  Rent control is dwindling away, and in Los Angeles, rent is just getting well out of hand with these money-hungry landlords who don’t want to do anything let alone fix anything.  So we stay where we are until the opportunity presents itself.

I tell myself, “No, I don’t need any more shoes,” but that’s like saying I don’t need underwear and we all know how that goes.  I’ve been asked, “how do you keep your shoes looking so nice and new?”  The short answer is I keep them in boxes.  If I don’t have boxes, I keep them somewhere dust-free.  Our house gets really dusty.  The other secret to keeping your shoes well cared for is lack of harsh wearing.  If you don’t wear a particular every day, the chances of extended well are guaranteed.  And if you have yourself a good shoe repair you can trust, then you’re definitely in good shape.

When I give away shoes, lately it’s been to churches and missions.  Places where I know they can be best used by those who will welcome them.  And I never donate anything that can’t be used over a period of time.  It’s just not right.  My guilty pleasures are mine and mine alone.  Shoes.  Clothes.  They are what keep me in my frame of mind.  At the same time, I am no stranger to giving to charities.  My hot mess will no doubt grow.  But there’s one thing you can count on, I will donate through the year.

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