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This Week in Fashion: The Floral Inspired Fashion Wear

April 6, 2010

First, let me send a shout out to my sweetheart, my boyfriend, James. ” I hope you get well, babe.”  He was taken to Good Samaritan, Los Angeles yesterday morning where it was confirmed he was having a heart attack caused by an artery blockage in his heart.  They performed a simple procedure and now he’s doing much, much better.  “Hope to see you home soon.”

On to fashion stuff.  In my quest for the ideal spring/summer sundresses I’ve been drawn more to floral prints that have been really colorful, well designed and styled.  My latest quest takes me to Elle where the report on today’s  trends comes from the Southern Bell Fashion.  I am a huge fan of True Blood, so this sundress here is perfectly fitting for this post.  This Ralph Lauren piece is Louisiana-grown, inspired by Sookie Stackhouse played by Anna Paquin.   What I like about this dress is the way it flows, doesn’t appear to be too heavy in fabric.  The floral print adds a summery and vibrant appeal, and the neckline is very subtle and gives detail to the dress.  Photo by Imaxtree.

The length of the dress is perfect just at the knee.  The scrunched down sox and oxford-like shoes gives the cute little sundress a playful look.

If you’re just as much a True Blood fan as I am, having seen both seasons and all the repeated episodes, you can catch the 3rd season of HBO’s True Blood beginning June 13.  Photo of Anna Paquin from

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