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The Modern Day Cowgirl

April 7, 2010

Times have changed to a degree where the cowgirl look has never gone out of fashion.  In fact, it’s become more appealing as we look back on the days of the wild, wild west and how they were fashioned as rugged looking women riding with the best of the outlaws, tending to cattle, rounding up horses, and minding the farm.  Dressed from head to toe in their dusty old pants, stirrups, desert worn hats, scraps tied around their necks, vests, and gun straps for those gun-slinging gals — as they were mildly considered as the women of the west.

Whether she’s spending an afternoon just riding along the pastures, or working in the stalls; whether it’s feeding time, or she just out stacking hay, the modern day cowgirl  has been transformed with an appealing look that goes against the grain of the traditional look many of us grew up to know from commercials, TV shoes, and movies.  The style represents denim at is best and buckle wedge boots to spruce things up a bit in the cowgirl fashion. 

This can be a cute outfit put together to create two parts country and one part rock ‘n’ roll.  As stated by, “Spring’s western wear has packed up and moved to the big city.”  Featured is the scarf by Tory Burch, you have the blouse from Theory, and let’s not forget the fashionable shoes from Chloë Sevigny of O.C. ; the jeans girls would just die for by J. Crew, and JLRicci jewelry.  The tank sporting the big pistol is by D&G — as always, revving things up in fashion.  And to keep the sun out of your eyes get the sunglasses by Prada.  Nothing says hello to a more modern cowgirl than gear from some of today’s top designers to give reflection on the wild, wild west and how far it has come today.  See and shop this western style featured at

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