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The Wedge Trend

April 17, 2010

Wedges are becoming more and more popular as we have seen in Christian Dior’s fashion show.  Victoria’s Secret set it off the year they introduced their sexy wedges collection which displayed an array of styles and designs that completely showed an indication of just how far the “wedge” has come from the 60’s and the 70’s well into the 80’s and 90’s. 

I think the explosion of  the rebirth of wedges have given new insight into what we can expect from shoe designers today.  The good thing about wedges is that there is something for everybody — anybody who are into wedges can find themselves lost in a sea of choices from which to choose from.

Victoria’s Secret is among the many shoe retailers that keeps you wanting more.  And there’s Ralph Lauren with his collection that offers a combination of conservativeness, casual comfort, and sassiness.  I saw these particular ones at Ross Stores marked below the retail price, but they are very nice and comfortable — although I didn’t purchase them, just tried them on.  Trust me, next time they have them I will buy them. 

These particular wedges by Ralph Lauren I really like because they can be worn with a number of outfits whether at work, or out around town.  There are no limitations as what they can be worn with.  Then again we don’t want to get outrageous with how we wear them.

So, today I drove down to the mall with my daughter to see what was going on down there.  The weather’s been nice for the past few days so it was fun seeing a lot of people out shopping, spending time with their families and friends.

The best shoe store at the Baldwin Hills Plaza is Shiekh Shoes because they change when the trends change.   And because they have a wide selection you can choose from both in the store and online.  But let me tell you, the store at the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City is by far better.  So, today I visited their $9.97 wall to see what the deals of the weeks have been and I happened to come upon a pair of nice Shiekh wedges that were stylish and trendy, nothing like anything I currently have in my shoe collection today.  It’s not a very good picture, judging from where I took it, but you get the general idea.  The cork-like style wedge is 4 1/2 inches high and really compliments the shoe as it gives way to a nice platform just over a half inch width that blends in really well with a cushioned footbed and leather straps that’s cleverly worked into the  Shiekh emblem.

I grew up wearing wedges, so I’ve seen how they’ve transformed over the years, and how they are no longer looked at as just a casual, conservative shoe, but stepping it up in the workplace and on an evening out.  The wedges represents a wide area of the fashion industry and is continuing to shake things up.  I’m interested to see just how farther wedges will go and what new designs we’ll see.

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