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This Week in Fashion: The Demi Moore’s Body Double Controversy

April 19, 2010

Apparently, and I’m just now finding out about this (slow I guess), the buzz that was going around surrounding the cover of W magazine November 2009 with Demi Moore splashed across it, sporting the Balmain corsette dress that was worn by polish model, Anja Rubik in Paris earlier this year.  Fashion moguls were getting bent out of shape of whether or not that was Demi’s body and not a body double photoshoped with her head.

Daily Mail reported that Demi Moore fired back at claims on Twitter that the picture wasn’t her real body stating,  “My hips were not touched… it’s just the way u have ur hip kinda swung to one side… y can no one see this!? Idiots!”   Moreover, Anthony Cintrano decided to put the actress up to the challenge by willing to donate $5,000 to her favorite charity if she could prove the picture on the cover was really her body.  Seriously!  Is this how they spend their time?

While fashion observers took time to point out the similarities of the two pictures between Demi Moore and Anja Rubik, W Magazine went on to say that they had not done anything different to her photo.

In the comments, however, reference has been given to whether or not she’s had cosmetic surgery, although I’ve not found anything online that substantiates that claim.

In looking at the two pictures you can definitely see where the two women are different in every way.  Anja is much thinner and Demi moore’s collar bone is higher.  She as a little more definition in her thighs than the Polish model and her neck line is not as wide.  And even if it were photoshopped, it is definitely not a body double of any kind.

If anyone recalls the episode Tyra Banks did when she demonstrated how she took the picture for Sports Illustrated — how she had to stand a certain way.  They shot the picture from mid thigh up to achieve that look.  It’s safe to say in this case of the Demi Moore body double controversy that it’s likely that the same method was probably applied here.

The 47-year old actress continued to fire back at the claims by agreeing and clarifying that she has no hips and that picture on the cover is an original picture.  In all fairness we should not believe the airbrushing claims (or everything we read for that matter) that were brought to our attention by others who simply had nothing else better to do.

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