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In Memoriam: Remembering My Cousin, Candace, Rest in Peace, Babe

April 20, 2010

We lost a member of our family.  She was the youngest of four.  In her travels she has experienced the kind of life that has been a combination of eventful, adventurous, dangerous, questionable and amazing.  Her education could have taken her all over the world and her intelligence could have run a Fortune 500 company.  She was influential, very intellectual…this going by stories I’ve heard, and the brief communications I had with her before and after the passing of their mother, my aunt Sherry. 

 Candace was a person who dared to be dangerous, different and outgoing.  She never let anything stand in her way of getting whatever it was she wanted.  She was never afraid to do and try different things and regarded herself as the most beautiful person there was.  She’s experienced love and what it meant to have someone in her life who she believed above all else loved her more than anything.

We come from a rather large family that is nowhere near perfect.  In fact we all should look at her passing as a life we truly never got to know and make a decision that this is the time we need to finally put down whatever differences there may be, demolish the animosity and hate, and to stop mistreating each other to realize we are family

Though my sister and I, Candace and her four brothers all grew up together, it was as we grew up that we grew apart.  And for this I missed out on the last years of her life to fully know the roads she’s travelled.

I can only hope that in the last days of life on Earth she found peace in both her heart, body and soul, and that she had God in her life.  May she forever rest in peace, and that God keeps her in his good graces as he brings her home to sit at his side.

My one regret is that I never got to tell her that in spite of what everyone else felt and/or thought about her, that I never had any animosity or felt any hate towards her, and that she was truly loved.  She was and always will be family.

***Candace leaves behind her three brothers, David, Mark and Philip, whose whereabouts are currently unknown.  She was in her late 20’s/early 30’s.  Sadly, we’ve not seen her in several years…a reminder of why we should cherish our family and loved ones, and love each moment they’re on this earth.***


Image taken by Rene’ Rivers, Studio5

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