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Welcome Back, Paisley

April 20, 2010

Back in the day when wearing paisley was the in-thing, you were considered to be trendy, stylish, had good taste.  In my case I was always following what Prince, Vanity 6, Sheila E, and Madonna wore…the lace and fish net stockings, lace head scarves and gloves, and, of course, the paisley print.  Then again those were the days of the 80’s when I was a teenage girl, and finding myself was an every day event.

Eventually paisley went out of style, or rather, it lost its luster.  You didn’t seem like you had it together if you walked out of the house in your paisley printed blouse, dress, skirt or head gear.  What’s so ironic, though, is that you see paisley patterns in lots of tattoos and in today’s fashion, it’s seeming to make a come back, and with a huge splash in a variety of styles and designs.  I think it’s safe to say that paisley never went out of style, just laid low for a while.  Paisley image from Dreamstime.

What’s so great about the boutiques in our neighborhood is that you can always expect to find some really hot pieces.  I picked this nice little piece up at a boutique.  What I love about this top is it has that “off the shoulder” thing going for it.  It has the paisley vibe, and the elastic gathering at the waistline.  The material for this piece is 100% polyester and is lined down to where the flair starts.  It’s comfortable and good for wearing on warm days.

When I tell you that paisley tops are coming in some really great styles, that this particular piece here…I got this lavender/purple/green paisley print top from Ross Stores during one of my morning walks.  What makes this top so pretty is the ruffles going down the sides.  It has an underlining shell, with a button in the back, and it flairs lightly at the bottom.   The free-flowing material and the cami underneath are both 100% polyester.  For this style, it really compliments the style.

And here’s a piece that reminds me of a scarf I once had several years ago.  I like this piece because it falls off the shoulders and has that sexy elastic gathering at the bottom.  I got this also at the boutique in our neighborhood, also for a fabulous price.

The arms are very free flowing with long slits under the arm down to the waistline, which means it’s be best to wear a thin spaghetti strap tank top or cami underneath otherwise if you raised your arms, folks would see your ladies.  The material for this piece is also 100% polyester, but wears really well with capris pants and hot high heel sandals.

Polyester material is light weight and easy to wear especial on warm days.  Cleaning these pieces I would  wash on a delicate cycle in cold water or dry clean to extend the life of their wear. 

If you’re in the market for paisley patterned tops and blouses, check out local neighborhood boutiques, the garment district, Ross Stores or your favorite department stores.  If youre looking online, I’d recommend doing some serious researching because I’ve not been able to find any good resources for buying good paisley patterned tops and blouses online.

Overall, I’m happy to see paisleye making a come back in more trendy and stylish styles.

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