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Tahitian Summer Flowers

April 22, 2010

Summer time is usually my favorite time of the year.  Not only because it’s my birthday, but because I have a unique opportunity to showcase how I’ll be in style.  Like this piece here from Seventh Avenue.  It was definately on the list of my “Must Haves.”

The hat is the Seagull Hat I mentioned in my previous posts, “The Hats of  Spring & Summer.”  The outfit is called Tahitian Flower, slashed with wild orange hibiscus, the mesh tunic drapes into sensual side gathers and an asymmetrical hem, over a flowing ivory pant.  Tunic has sheer mesh layered over comfy ivory knit and bra-disguising straps.  The pant has carefree elastic waist and fashionable wide leg (32″ inseam in size 10), and is made of polyester.

I’m short so for the shoes I wear my ivory Brazilian T-strap 5-inch high heel sandals from Cathy Jean only because the pants are long and the height of the heel raises the hem of the pant off the ground just enough to keep from dragging.  After a while the elastic on the pants loses its elasticity and should be professionally replaced or pants of a similar fabric and style, and same color can be substituted without taking away from the original style of the outfit.

Overall, this was a good buy at the time I purchased it.  The entire ensemble is currently available at Seventh Avenue.

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