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My Kind of Body Creams

April 23, 2010

Have you ever spent more money than you wanted to on body cream only to discover that they didn’t do what the all the hype said they would?  Dr. Oz said something in one of his shows about using products with natural and organic ingredients, something to the affect of them actually being better for you, and can be less costly.  

I learned that even the cheapy-cheapy lotions and body creams don’t do what they claim they do.  I have found myself using more just to achieve moisture in my skin, and I have found some lotions and body creams to be sticky, greasy, and just too watered down.  Expensive creams tend to have too many ingredients that I end up having too oily skin on top of already oily skin.  And for the money I spend, I don’t think so!

In 2005 I was watching an infomercial – Memorial Day weekend, to be exact – the host of the show was talking about products that could be made right in your own kitchen, right down to facial masks and linen spray.  To put the claims to the test, I went scrambling through my house to see what I had in my cabinets, surfed the internet for “homemade products” and the end results were amazing.  In that one weekend I made air fresheners and linen sprays that didn’t stain.  I was stunned, excited, and was jolted into seeing what else I could create…I started experimenting with lotions.  I have a friend who is heavily into making aromatherapy products, she was the best source for information.  She’s given me some great do’s and don’ts to making lotions that I’ve learned a great deal from her.

In my process of experimenting with lotions and creams, by pure accident Fair Pleasures and Body Sense were created in November 2005.  It was then that I embarked on making my own body creams because I decided that I wanted to use something that was more natural and gentle to my skin, and performed at the same or close to the same level as many of those creams and lotions on the market. 

I put tons of research into creating my body creams because it is important to first know the properties and benefits of each ingredient — to know what is and what is not harmful to the skin — before putting the blends together in a product that myself and others would want to use. 

For Fair Pleasures was my first cream ever made.  I replaced Mineral Oil with baby oil because I felt the baby oil would be better for the skin than the Mineral Oil.  It’s costs a little bit more, but for the purpose of protecting your skin, I felt it best.  And I can’t afford to cut corner.  From my research I created a complete booklet that describes all of the ingredients I use and their purpose, this includes the fragrances and essential oils as well, to include their properties and benefits, too. 

Fair Pleasures is an all natural body cream that contains water, and the main ingredient is cocoa butter.  Body Sense, my second body cream created, and rightfully so, is an all oil body cream with no water and the main ingredient is Aloe Vera.  

By the end of 2005 the popularity of these creams had grown beyond what I had ever imagined.  I just love these body creams!

Body Sense works really well on problem areas like hands, elbows, feet and knees that, for some, tend to get really dry.  This is because it not only contains Aloe Vera gel, but it also has pure Lanolin, organic coconut oil, vitamin E, sweet almond oil, and again, no water in it.  It is a rich creamy, silky blend and is ideal for dry skin.

Fair Pleasures, in addition to the cocoa butter, includes baby oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and distilled water.  This is a popular body cream, too, because it is good for oily skin, which some of my customers really like.  With this body cream, I was changing the consistency to make it as thin or as thick as preferred, but later decided to make it one consistency that everyone would like.

Most of my customers who have purchased the body creams are in the healthcare field.  They tended to be in positions where they have to wash their hands a lot.  One of the complaints they I hear is that they have a hard time finding creams and lotions that have longer staying power.  When they were introduced to my body creams they realized that was what they were looking for.  They started using them and was happy with the results.  The body creams replenish the moisture in their hands, has longer staying power and leaves their hands looking healthy.  For seasonal weather, these  creams have been good in protecting against colder and warmer days when the weather tends to be harsh on the skin.

You use the creams for after showering or bathing.  I like using Body Sense on my feet after a long hot bath.  I throw on a pair of cotton socks for the night and it seems that the moisture is locked in solid.  When I get up the next morning and put on my favorite pair of high heel sandals, my feet look fresh and healthy.

When I had my surgery January 2009, my skin was badly scarred by the tape they used to hold the dressing in place.  Once it was finally removed I used Fair Pleasures, because of the cocoa butter, on the areas where it was badly scarred and for moisture and to keep the sweating down.  I used Body Sense on the area where my surgery was performed (where I had my cesarean) to maintain moisture and keep the order down the first few weeks after the surgery.  To day there is hardly any scars from the tape, and there is absolutely no body odor in that area.  So I guess you can say my creams do work for myself and those who have purchased them for themselves and family members.

The bonding ingredients for my creams are 100% beeswax and steric acid for the creamy texture.  These are what holds the ingredients together and gives the creams up to a year’s shelf life.  With each jar comes a disclaimer.  I wouldn’t recommend using the body creams if someone is  currently under the care of a physician for other skin-related problems or if they are allergic to any of the ingredients in the creams.  And I always recommend reading a copy of my properties and benefits booklet to know about the ingredients I use.  The booklet is updated regularly.

This year I hope to promote Gentle Skin which is a body cream designed for men and women who are diabetic and have to take special care with their skin.

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