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This Week in Fashion: Gwen Stefani’s Bold Fashion Statement

April 25, 2010

Pin stripe suits have been my favorite for several years, especially since I’ve been in the workforce for the past 23 years. They date back back well beyond the 50’s from what I can remember growing up in my family.  So, when singer/designer, Gwen Stefani was photographed (image from stepping out in her gaudy striped, over sized collar skirt suit, you can only imagine what was going through her mind when she undoubtedly chose to fashion this piece visiting with her parents.  This was more of a “No she didn’t moment” rather than a moment to oogle the suit in its entirety, only because Stefani is very much known for her enormous taste in style and fashion.  What a hit and miss!

The shoes she chose to match the suit with looked like they had a gladiator style and didn’t really set the match up with the suit very well except in color.  Paired with white tights didn’t fair well, either as I think shear whites would have been a little more appropriate with a subtle pair of high heel pumps, or lose the tights, period, and go with a pair of single strapped high heel sandals that would draw attention away from the suit itself.  Overall, it could be a nice suit if it weren’t too boldly stated.

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  1. April 25, 2010 4:28 pm

    She usually does ok but sometimes skirt suits should be reserved for the office

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