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Fashion Pick of the Week: Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles

April 28, 2010 puts its mark on the old-time fashion that was once considered an 80’s classic.  Remember the button-down blouses with the ruffles going down each side, and girls would tuck the tops down inside their jeans, throw on a matching head band or scarf folded to be worn as a tied head band, and they’d get the leg warmers for extra added style?  Don’t act like I’m the only one!  I know there are some of you out there who remember.  Ruffles, though, in fashion have a long lasting history, but in today’s time have never been made to look as beautiful as they do with fashion trends continuing to change and designers are getting more creative.

For, I like to see ruffles in flirty styles with low neck lines, with or without buttons, in combination with a bow that you can tie any way you want, and in a variety of colors.  

This blue ruffled blouse is Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent was sold at Saks Fifth Avenue back in 2008 for $288. 

But you know, ruffled blouses have been updated to a degree that they give a more stylish look and appearance. 

This beautiful piece labeled the Ralph Lauren Blue Labeled Top is absolutely stunning.

I especially love the color and the way the sleeves hangs down at the hands, and the design of the ruffles, how they come down to fall just under the keyhole at the center of the semi-low neck line.  The pullover is a fabric of a luxe silk with just a touch of Cashmere to give it added softness in its texture.  $177.

I noticed that ruffled blouses began generating a fashion buzz in 2009 coming out of the old-fashioned look to be in both a subtle and exaggerated form.  Their modern look has been made to appear more on the romantic side and creates more of a feminine look. 

They create volume and shape and tends to draw more attention to the chest area.  You can find them in single, double or tripple layers, depending on the style, you will find that they can be dressed up with a nice pair of  slim black (or other color of choice) pants or a sexy skirt.  Pencil skirts are ideal, especially the high waist skirts.  Adding a pair of high heels adds a very chic look.  Short sleeves or sleeveless ruffled blouses can be worn tucked into the pants or skirt, but it also depends on how the bottom of the blouse is made.

Another idea for wearing ruffles would be to grab a nice jacket worn unbuttoned, with a nice pair of pants.  Some ruffled blouses can be worn with a trendy, stylish pair of shorts as seen here in this image.  Both images from

To avoid looking like you’re drowning in ruffles, match it up with wearing a nice pair of jeans with a cardigan of some sort to tone down the ensemble.  Don’t over due the ruffles otherwise the ensemble can look like a complete mess.  Go with wedges of a strappy sandals.  Please, don’t do chunky boots or those ug-like looking boots.  Keep the ruffled blouse stylish and flirty by all means.

Ruffled blouses are found at local area boutiques, Macy’s, JC Penney, Saks Fifth Avenue, and other retailers and outlets…depending on your style, taste and colors.  I get the majority of my ruffled blouses from Ross Stores because every year they have different styles and colors to match the seasons and to choose from.  I never spent more than $16.99 for a single piece, though.  That’s just the bargain shopper in me.  At Macy’s you may spend as high as $39 – $49 for a ruffled blouse, or more depending on where you go. But shop around, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Ruffled blouses are my fashion pick of the week!

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