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Fashion Pick of the Week: Chocolate and Lime

May 5, 2010

So what I’m wearing today, on Cinco De Mayo, is a ruffled sleeveless buttoned-down, multi-color blouse with a pair of chocolate brown capri pants. 

The best colors I think to have come ever come together are lime green and chocolate brown. 

In an arrangement of a pleated fabric, trimmed with a single layer of ruffles starting from one side of the top button circling around the neck and coming back down to stop at bottom hem of the top, hiding away the buttons, makes this top a divine piece of elegance. 

In addition to the chocolate brown color splash, you get a hint of what look likes an aquamarine blue-ish color that fades into the three different types of green, with lime green being the featured color.  The array of colors brings a soft blend.  100% polyester.

The chocolate brown capri pants has three buttons down the side at the bottom hem.  One inside button and one outside button.  Semi-high waist line to show off the curves very nicely.

Both the ruffled blouse and capri pants came from Ross Stores.  The shoes you see me wearing here with the capri pants are chocolate brown Michael Antonio’s strapy high heel sandals with a 4-inch heel, adjustable buckel and criss-cross straps across the toes.  I picked these up three summers ago from a local swapmeet at Washington Square in Los Angeles.  I also have them in black.

I am changing my shoes to really set the outfit off with a with a pair of chocolate brown patent, strapy high heel sandals from  They feature a peep toe style with an adjustable buckle, fitted with a cushioned footbed and comes with a 5-inch heel and a 1 1/2 inch platform.  Regular price was $48.99 but I purchased them at $12.99 plus a 30% discount.  My total cost for these dynamite shoes was around $17.34.  The discount was in recognition of their extreme moving sale, always passing the savings to their customers.

Overall total cost for the entire ensemble was less than $50.

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