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This Week in Fashion: A Tribe Called Quest

May 5, 2010

The Chrissie Morris Maia Tribal Sandal is quite an unsual design with its leather and suede crafted into a tribal motif.  This gathered slingback is designed in black, green and brown, with a  toe ring, has a 4-inch heel and fits true to Italian sizings.

I’ve not seen tribal designs that were true to culture of this form.  What makes this shoe unique is the way the colors are brought together, and the built-in toe ring just adds a little more flavor to the design. 

See how the studs embellish the shoes throughout the design, and how the shoe covers your feet. 

I could very well see this in a flat style or more of a flip-flop design with the same colors and style kept in mind.  My guess is these tribal gems could dress up a hot pair of jeans with a tribal-like designed top without taking too much away from the attention of the shoes.

The tribal slings have a price tag of $1,455 and, you’re going to love this, they cannot be shipped to California or outside of the US.

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