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Crossing the Leggings Line

May 9, 2010

Let’s face it, leggings have long since crossed the barriers through leaps and bounds.  Women, young and old, have taken to them like an addiction.  We have seen them be re-identified with a variety of styles nearly making the solid colors obsolete, or left on the back burner until further notice.  They’ve been incorporated with a series of styles that to not have at least one pair in your wardrobe would be considered passé.  So as we go on this journey of leggings, let’s take a brief look at just how they continue to make a huge splash in the fashion industry.

It would be safe to say that they have transformed many wardrobes.  They are ideal to be worn with long T’s, micro mini skirts, short length summer dresses, some long sweaters, and just about anything that would make them fashionable in any case of the sense of fashion.  Today leggings are no longer worn by just skinny girls and older women, but we are seeing them further expand into the plus size regions.  And as more and more plus size stores are making themselves visible, they are finding the unique opportunity to wear the same very fun and flirty outfits as smaller sized women.  Hence the saying, “Big girls have fun, too.”

Over the past months I’ve taken a much closer look at fashion, paying more attention to what’s in, what’s out, and what’s not, it’s amazing at what I see.  As if my eyes have been seriously open to the many fashion faux pas there are.  And leggings just seem to have a much larger following than I originally realized.  But the one thing I’ve noticed, too, is that wearing leggings has gone to the extreme, and women are crossing the line in what leggings just should be worn with, like halter tops when you’re 300+ pounds.  There should be a restriction on what leggings can be worn with to a degree, and one would think that if you have no business wearing it, then probably you shouldn’t, but then again this goes along with the “I love my body” as M0’Nique has always lived by and is her true motto of loving one’s self.  When it comes to what clothes you wear is when it becomes making more of a fashion statement.  To be frank, leggings are not meant for wearing too little to no clothing, whether big or small — that’s just my opinion.  And the blunt truth about it, too, is now that leggings have crossed the barriers, we have to open our eyes once more and realize that everyone cannot wear everything.  This is a misconception that has gone way over board.  This should be a seriously known fact, but sadly it isn’t. 

Leggings, like I mentioned earlier in this post, are inexpensive, making it virtually possible for anyone to get their hands on them.  You can find them from $4.00 to as high as $12.99, and at almost anywhere leggings are sold, whether at your local boutique or online.  Let’s think sensibly the next time you put on a pair of leggings.  The public will probably thank you.

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