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This Week in Fashion: Brief Look of Fantasia

May 9, 2010

It’s been a long time since Fantasia Barrino’s been in the news.  My quest to see what the song bird has been up to lately has taken me to the Celebration of Gospel hosted by Steve Harvey last January, when she performed with her mother, Diane Barrino-Barber.  The spectacular performance that, according to the comments I read, touched many souls.  Barrino is still kicking up the industry with her musical stylings and is looking as lovelier than every. 

Her television reality show premiered this year in January on VH-1.  I found this slamming picture on where there was more information about her show.  Fantasia is one of those artists who can adapt to any style without changing who she is. reported that her single “Bittersweet” is set to drop in June.  While it’s said that it is an old-school inspired tune, I’d always hoped to see Fantasia’s voice be matched with some old school medlies.  And I’d like to see where her style in this new LP will take her. 

I always loved her signature short hair style and the soft neutral tone makeup that gives her a soft look in appearance. 

I’m sure that whatever Fantasia has encountered along the way in her career she has gone beyond leaps and bounds to surpass those issues and move forward to let people just what she’s made of. 

Though I’ve not seen her reality show I’m hearing that it has been renewed for another season and Fantasia is continuing to let the television world come inside her life once again.

I still say she is a lovely person.  I attended the taping of a Birthday Tribute to Stevie Wonder where she performed “Superstition” and let me tell you, she rocked that stage, everybody was on their feet and in the aisles dancing and clapping…she is truly a fabulous performer.  She’s a big cry baby (from American Idol), and from what I have seen, she is a great mom.

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