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Heights da Season

May 11, 2010

Bottom line is platform shoes are continuing to make a huge splash in the fashion industry.  More importantly, where we are seeing more of them is in the work place where the modern day working woman has come away from the conservative/casual dress into the more subtle alluring style opening the doors to a new frontier of work wear.  It’s like saying old-fashioned office attire is being replaced by fashion statements made by designers who’s vision has transcended how we see our wardrobe on an every day basis.

Platform shoes from the 1/2 inch to the 1 1/2 inch platform, with a 4 – 5 inch heel have swiftly moved from one industry genre into the work place, thus bridging the gap and squashing the stereotype of where they actually belong and should perhaps have stayed, but where would be the fun if women couldn’t explore their daring side, “Dare to be noticed” in the work place for their sharp dress if kept tasteful?

What I’ve heard in conversations with friends has commonly been, “I don’t think I could wear those kinds of shoes to work.”  It’s hilarious to me because I’ve always been known for being daring when it came down to what shoes I wore to work.  And I was always one to wear what I didn’t see other women wearing, in hopes of being the first to step out in something new and different. 

I quickly adapted to wearing platform high heel shoes, especially the 1 1/2 inch with 5-inch heel, because they are easier to wear.  They are fun and flirty, and make your legs look sexy.  I’m short so they give my height a nice boost.  They look nice with a dress or skirt ensemble and can be adaptable to the office, again, if kept tasteful.  I would walk into work wearing a pair of 6-inch heels.  I reserve those for the night life when I’m going out with friends.  On the suited side, yeah, I would wear a pair of platform pumps with a nice pin striped suit because they have that look, and with the pants length below the ankle.

I remember the era when platform shoes were highly associated with the adult entertainment industry.  Strippers, to be quite frank.  They’ve long sense moved away from that time era into the day-to-day wear coming in a variety of styles that gives us more to choose from to incorporate into the work force and when we’re out on the town.  

Patent leather, suede, and textured, just a few materials you can find them in, sandals and pumps that give way to enhancing the look of slacks and a good pair of jeans.  When you look at color, the varieties available are unimaginable.  This design of the snake skin style in a beige color, webbed into sued fabric shapes the way capri pants can be worn, or with an ivory/beige color sheath dress. 

I’ve tested the waters of wearing my 1 1/2 inch platform, 5-inch high heel sandals to work to see the response I would receive, worn either with a pair of slacks, capri pants, and a skirt ensemble, and I met no resistance among my peers, except to have been that I was bold to take such a risky move.  However, I’d like to believe that I did inspire one young lady to make the move to buy the 1-inch platform high heel pumps and dress up for the first time that I’ve known her, but I cannot take credit for that.  And she did look really nice.  She got away from me that day so I didn’t get a chance to shoot a picture of her and post it on my blog as “Outfit of the Day.”

This is just where the world of the platform shoes have taken us.  Taking one day at time reshaping the shoe industry in new form.

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