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Let’s Layer it Up

May 13, 2010

I’ve never been one for layers, but I am warming up to the combination of the two shirts. What am I talking about? Last week I was out running errands and happened to come across this shop that had a display where two shirts were featured. Now I’ve seen that combination before but never paid much attention to it. This time around, I guess it was the color scheme that drew my attention.

There are shirts made to have the layered look — look like it’s more than one shirt, when actually it’s a shirt built into another. In this case, what I am talking about are two buttoned down shirts that looks something like this.  Picture is from

It’s a style more commonly and popularly worn by young boys and men.  But I think it’s safe to say that the style is gaining momentum among the female crowd.

But on the women side you see more of something like of a sweater/shirt combo that gives you the illusion of the “layered” look which is just not the same as wearing an actual shirt under a sweater like in the old days.  This sweater/shirt combo picture from   This use to be a style I always wore back in the 80’s to early 90’s.  It held a conservative, sporty look to it if worn on the weekends.  When I wore it to work, it was more of a casual look with slacks.

But now, the buttoned down layered shirt look seems to be the style for ladies, just not widely worn by women of today’s fashion.  Me being me, I’m on the quest to secure me a couple of color coordinated shirts with the right pair of pants to see if I can’t pull of the style and start and trend or jump start the trend into gear.  Wish me luck!

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