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This Week in Fashion: Mariah and Nick’s Outfit. Seriously?

May 15, 2010

I don’t want to pick on Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, but Oops!  I really don’t think Mariah Carey realized she was wearing crotch hugging sweats that perhaps my daughter could have worn, with a jacket that just screamed “TAKE ME OFF!”  The bag was a poor choice to carry along with that outfit, and to think she totally ruined the look of the high heels by wearing that sweat suit to begin with.  She could have easily gotten away with a better looking and fitting sweat suit with a trendy pair of sneakers, and a fashionable backpack to really have achieved that sporty look if that’s what she was going for. 

No, I wouldn’t say it was an atrocious outfit, more like she just didn’t think far ahead enough to where she put much of a thoughtful effort into it.  Is it me or is Mariah Carey not quite herself these days.

Ok, so I saw this photo on Yahoo’s OMG What Were They Thinking and I tell you,  I love their spin on it.  Quite frankly, though, they seriously should have given their attire for the day a huge second thought.  What is that I always say, “If you have to second guess an outfit, then you probably shouldn’t wear it.”

Now on to Nick Cannon.  Come on, he looks like his sweat suit is about three or four sizes too big.  I actually saw him at a taping of America’s Got Talent early March and he is truly a tall, but little (has a slim build) dude (my daughter and I were sitting in the second row from the stage), so why the extra large get up?  You can’t tell me had absolutely nothing else to put on that day.  One can only speculate…um…say…they forgot to do laundry, or they forgot to pick up their clothing from the cleaners, or perhaps their personal assistants were on a serious vacation, or their PR persons weren’t available to help them get dressed so they simply had to wing it? 

I can understand wanting to be comfortable if you’re out running errands, but there is a line we just don’t cross.  And when you get to the point to where you on a thin line from looking ratty when you know you don’t have to, and with all the money they have between them, something is just not computing, and they certainly could have done better. 

So, lets sum this up…Mariah Carey’s sweat suit is small enough to fit my daughter (she’s a size 3), and Nick’s sweat suit is big enough to fit — say — a man two times his size.  They both must have dressed in the closet with the lights out to have stepped out looking like that, both of them being super stars and all, and both of them being beautiful people.  I mean, one would think that if you’re going to dress down, you’d still want to keep in good taste because you never know when cameras will be snapping and/or when you’ll find yourself one of the discussions on TMZ.

They are a good looking couple, but they totally missed it in the fashion department on that day.

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