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Who Wore it Best: The Kim and Tyra Showdown

May 25, 2010

In a hailing attempt to spotlight a dynamite dress, Kim Kardashian goes head-to-head with Tyra Banks.  Although attending different venues in different years, that one question surfaces again.  Who wore it best?  As you can see the dresses are very much the same. 

Tyra wore her dress at an awards ceremony back in 2009, while Kim just recently wore her dress to a cosmetic awards ceremony this year.  See how it’s so ironic that Kim wore the same colored shoes?  If you look closely, they may be the same color, they are not the same style.  It looks like Kim is wearing a platform pump which is truly the going style these days.  Now, had she carried the same colored and style clutch bag as Tyra’s she would have completely duplicated the entire look, with the hairdo being the only difference.

In all fairness, and as much as I love Tyra Banks, I’d have to say that Kim Kardashian really pulled off the look.  She is much curvier than Tyra so the dress falls and fits in all the right places.  Tyra is still holding on to her super model image, of course, and there are some dresses that I’ve seen her wearing in other photos where she could use more hips and curves, enough to fill out the dresses the way they were designed, rather than just falling on her.  Kim’s approach to be sexy an alluring in the dress makes a bold statement.  Her up do was the perfect style to add a touch of class and boldness.  And although, I’m no real fan of Kim Kardashian, I do have to admit I like her taste in style and fashion. 

Whether or not this was a deliberate attempt to upstage Tyra at a later time and place, I have to say Kim wore it best.  But I want to hear from my readers.  Who do you think wore it best?

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