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This Week in Fashion: Sexy Polka Dots

May 29, 2010

There was a time when I would shy away from polka dot styles in clothing.  Shoes is a different story because they are easy to make a decision on whether to buy or not and to mix and match.  But fashion has changed to a degree over the years that polka dots are making a huge fashion statement.

The trend is quietly widespread only because it’s a matter of picking and choosing wisely.  Some people can be on point and look good, while some should seriously try it again.  Remember and keep in mind that that not all body types can sport a stylish polka dot outfit and do it well.  Not saying that I can either, but I think I lucked out this time around with this selection I picked up from the neighborhood boutique.

This pink and white (more like fuschia) strapless summer top has an elastic wide band over the chest area and down at the waist line.  Nicely decorated with a cute rose piece.

Buying this top made me go through my shoe collection to find the black and olive green polka dotted strappy high heel sandals I purchased a few years ago by Joey O from Ross Stores.

These have a 4 1/2-inch heel, with a strappy cover across the toes that twists in the middle.  Adjustable ankle strap and semi cushioned foot bed.

I was just telling my mom recently that I generally, as a rule of thumb, don’t buy clothes I don’t have shoes for and visa versa, I don’t buy shoes I don’t have clothes for.  It gets problematic for me.  But I sort of made an exception for these shoes when I bought them.  I picked these up the same year Jennifer Lopez had come out with her polka dotted styled high heel sandals, the red polka dotted ones.  I probably would have stayed away from buying them had I not seen the Joey O’s up close and in person at Ross Stores, which changed my mind altogether about them.

With the new looks and styles of fashion today, polka dots can be a must have.  The best way to decide of polka dots is for you, I recommend going to a department store or boutique and see first hand if you can make them work for you.

The history of polka dots dates as far back as I can remember, back to the 30’s and 40’s, and 50’s when they were frequently worn in wide skirts and dresses, and when the age of bathing suits were retiring from their old fashioned looks and designs to being reborn into something new and sexier.

They are fun, flirty…you can dress up polka dots and you can dress them down.  With this top, I’ll match it up with my favorite pair of jeans and my knock out white strappy high heel sandals.  And for wearing out on the evening, I’ll cover up with my crop sweater that comes above the waist line.  You know the kind.

I’ll wear the strappy polka dotted high heel sandals with a pair of capri pants, a nice sexy sleeveless, semi-long, semi-turtle neck sweater.  I just love that style.

This is a great time to show off your polka dot style.  Have fun with it.  Be bold and daring, and by all means make a serious fashion statement.

Photos in this post were taken by me.  The Joey O logo was found on Google Images.

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