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Boutique-ing It Out

June 2, 2010

Hello, my fab fashionistas!  So, let me throw this one at you.  Yesterday I had just gotten home from work right before the mail had arrived.  I spent some time with my daughter, cleaned up the kitchen, then stopped to get it over with to see what it was I didn’t want in the day’s mail. 

Looking at the pile of bills I received jolted me into a reality that had never been made more clear at that very moment.  Launching my boutique.  Out of everything I’ve ever wanted to do, being a boutique owner has always been real to me.  Almost like I could put my fingers on it.  Rivers Body Blends is going to go from selling body creams, body oils, hand salves, massage oils, bath salts and other nifty products to being “all about the fashion.”  It already has a  Tax ID and an established business bank account, so why not do fashion, right?  I mean, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.  And what’s so great about it is, I’ll be doing something I actually enjoy, selling fashion and accessories, and shoes. 

To kick things off I’ve been looking at what’s on the market today.  Focusing more on today’s trends, what fashion buyers are purchasing.  What teenagers like and will wear for a long time…just get a general idea of where fashion trends are going from one extreme to the next.  My boutique will be hip and trendy, and will have tons of must-haves.

This is one example of what you’ll most likely find in my boutique.  Remember,  I love ruffles and they are making a huge splash in the fashion industry.  It’s a wrap top with ruffles and this particular item comes in four colors; olive (shown), lime, dark lime, and gold/black.

Next on my list, I was looking at this pretty tank dress.  This caught my eye because of the butterfly effect it has and how the gold trim accents the heather gray color, making the design itself just stand out flawlessly.  Great for hanging out, going out for a bite to eat, or you can get away with wearing this out for the evening. 

Glamming it up a bit, I looked at this white satin doll of a dress.  See the puff sleeves, the ruffle-accented V-neck with a full
front overlap with a tie-around sash bow, and the length is just perfect, it’s flirty, very sexy.  Wear with a nice pair of silver strappy sandals to really embellish the look.

And no boutique would be complete without a line of T-shirts and T-shirt dresses.  Especially because it’s basically all that’s in my daughter’s closet and she tells me that it’s a teen thing these days.  I can’t say that she’s wrong because T-shirts are easily accessible and don’t require too much dressing up or down.

The goal will be to have a wide range of T’s from solid colors to printed designs.  Some with rhinestones, some without.

And when you think about T-shirt dresses, what comes to mind?  I used to wear them back in the day but they didn’t have them in such stylish designs like this one here. 

Get yourself a good pair of leggings, some slip on 3-inch sandals and you’re ready for a comfortable Saturday afternoon hanging out with the girls, or just out running errands.  It’s ideal for lounging around, too.  I really like this.  It comes in three colors white (shown), yellow and orange.

I’ve always liked tops like this (I could wear them when I had a waist line).  I’ll feature something like this in my boutique as well.  This pretty little gem comes in four colors; turquoise (shown), white, coral and khaki.

And when you talk about shoes, I’ll be looking at Pleasers USA for starters because they have such great selections.  And there’ll be a wide selection of jeans, leggings and skirts, too.  Can’t complete an outfit without them.

Costs of items will be affordable for everyone.  Seeing that the economy is not on the road to a full recovery no time soon.  So I’ll be going easy on everyone’s pocket book.

This is just a snapshot of what my boutique can shape up to have available.  It’s either now or never and I’m not getting any younger.  I’ve sat on this dream every since I worked downtown Los Angeles in 1987 at the Zoning Enforcement office.  I used to go to a great  boutique called Cristine’s.  I loved everything about that store, and because I was already grooming myself into being a woman of style and fashion, that boutique just set the stage for what was to come.

Studio5 will go on.  It has to!  It’s come so far!   This has become my world inside of the fashion industry, and I’ve come to love everything about it, what it stands for, my viewers and the great sites I follow and belong to.  But Rivers Body Blends Apparel is where I’m going.  I’ll be working on a shoestring budget, but at least I’ll be making it happen.  I will keep everyone up-to-date on my progress, and hope that once it’s up and ready to roll, that if you’re ever in the Los Angeles area, you’ll come on by!

Wish me luck!

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