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This Week in Fashion: Through it All, Bullock Remains Humble

June 8, 2010

I will have to admit that I have never been a “Sandra Bullock” fan, but I will say that in light of her personal life’s problems surrounding her recent breakup to Jesse James, she has remained humbled, grounded, and has maintained a level head through it all.

She is a prime example that life must go on and she profoundly stated at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, “I’m not going anywhere!” is enough to make it very well understood that she is here to stay.

Bullock holds on to her poise while being strong as an actress who doesn’t have to prove anything beyond the shadow of a doubt.  Regardless of what people may say, think, or what they may have heard, one thing that remains true is that she has thick skin.

There’ll be no public meltdowns.  There’ll be no public displays of anger.  And she’ll certainly not let you see her make a spectacle of herself.  What we have forgotten is that she keeps in check.  There is that reputation of professionalism she must maintain at all times, but she knows how to let herself go at the right times which makes people [at the right time] raise an eyebrow or two.

If anything, I respect Sandra Bullock for who she is and what’s she’s achieved over the years.  Not many can accomplish what she’s accomplished, and that’s the ability to keep her wits about her.  You haven’t seen her going on one show after another airing her dirty laundry.  You’ll see her here and there spotlighting on the improvements of her life or additions to her family, and that’s about the size of it.

She holds on to her grace, while keeping it real.  And for this I can say she remains beautiful, stylish, a good actress who is very passionate about her craft.  She is a loving person who takes the meaning of family to heart.  Jesse James doesn’t realize from the realm of truth of the woman he messed over with.  In fact it was a long time before I realized he was married to her.  That was a mismatch if I ever knew one.   And yet, through it all, Sandra Bullock presses on.

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