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Overstock can be Over-Priced

June 16, 2010

To day many consumers have found comfort in shopping online for all or most of their needs.  Whether purchasing shoes for whatever the reason, clothing for the family, or to do their Holiday Season shopping.  And as the economy is trying to slowly recover, consumer’s spending habits are changing as retail revenue continues to grow with jobs and better priced merchandise, thus making seem like it’s doing a find job in holding court when it comes down to finding that right gift for that special someone, or just to treat yourself to something nice, or if you’re buying something for the home.  They seem to have something for everybody.  But are they really cost effective?  Do they really have the best prices?

Don’t get me wrong, I like but to some degree one has to realize that some of their prices are no different than finding items or similar items somewhere else at lesser prices.  The one thing has going for them is the fact that their shipping is one price, $2.95, regardless of how much you spend on their site. 

For example, friend purchased the teal Tahari ASL Women’s Cap Sleeve Banded Waist dress (as shown to the left) from and paid $89 plus tax and shipping.  A week later the dress was priced at $132.  Now if you go to their site, this dress is marked down to $113.99.  This dress has seen many price changes as the gas prices.

Not all of their items are outrageously priced, but some of them just aren’t worth the money especially if I can go out and find that particular item or something similar elsewhere, or preferably more locally.  This way I’m saving on shipping.  Hey, $2.95 is $2.95.  They have a huge selection of items to choose from, and they have a huge selection of clothing, including some very nice dresses, but I’m an avid frugal spender, so price is not always an option for me, and especially when I’m buying for a teenage girl (my daughter).  I have to look for the bargains as best I can, see what’s a better buy and where I’m making the purchase from.

I say shop around first before making your one-stop shopping online resource for your shopping needs because sometimes can be over priced.

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