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Who Wore It Best: The Kelly Rowland and Marion Cotillard Faceoff

June 20, 2010

Once again we come face-to-face with another “who wore it best” segment featuring the former Destiny’s Child member, Kelly Rowland and French actress, Marion Cotillard were both seen wearing this Lefranc Ferrant metallic jumpsuit.

In Fall 2010 the sequined star of “La Vie en Rose” was seen wearing the jumpsuit back in May at Chopard’s 150th Anniversary Party during the 63rd Annual International Cannes Film Festival in France.  She’s noted for being a fashion-forward beauty.  She matched up the gun-metal grey attire with a pair of Jimmy Choo “Marble” booties and clutch.  Her updo added elegance to her look.

While sporting the blunt bangs with loose and wavy hairstyle the form Destiny’s Child member and diva, Kelly Rowland, was seen wearing the exact same design while heading out for dinner in London on June 10.  The singer, whose upcoming album is set to hit stores in September, accessorized the jumpsuit with a black cuff, grey clutch, and open-toe booties that, to me, looked like space shoes. 

I’m no fan of jumpsuits, but when celebs are spotted wearing the exact same one the question you have to ask yourself is, “who wore it best?”  In this instance, looking at both the beautiful young ladies, I have to say that Cotillard made the outfit more appealing at best.  The shoes seem to rock the outfit (and we all know that shoes make the outfit), especially going with a nicely matched clutch.  Her updo really was the nice finishing touch, whereas, Rowland chose to let her hair down, going with bangs and a wavy, loose style, which is styled very beautifully, but it was the gaudy shoes I felt didn’t do the jumpsuit justice.  I love Kelly, but I think she could have done better with the shoes.

What do you think?  I want to hear from my readers.  Who do you think wore it best?

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