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Announcement: Studio5 Hits the 1,000 Mark in Views

June 29, 2010

Since the first launch of Studio5 smack dab in the middle of the Fashion Weeks Season, the blog has been a labor of love and compassion solely for the fashion industry as a whole.  I am happy to announce that just before the month of June was set to make its farewell, the blog has hit over 1,000 views (1,006 to be exact) and I am overly excited.  Some of you reading this may be asking, “Whyis she so excited? It’s just a little over 1,000 reviews.  What’s the big deal?”  It’s a big deal to me because in the beginning I wasn’t expecting the blog to take off the way it did and I can only credit that to the many great people out there who share the same love and compassion for fashion who have graciously stopped by my blog to take a gander, and some even kind enough to leave comments.  I’m not the greatest writer out there, and I’m not an expert fashionista, but I know great styles and trends when I see them so being able to put my spin on what I think and how I feel — I think puts me up there somewhere.

It’s been a blast for me!  All the great designers I’ve seen and learned about, the fabulous styles celebs have donned at several events.  And doing the “Who Wore it Best” segment has been fun. 

Let’s keep it going and see how much further Studio5 can go from today on.

Picture from CDN Buzznet.

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