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This Week in Fashion: The “Technobohemian” Style for the Wealthy Man

July 7, 2010

From Hollywood actor to fashion extraordinaire, can we best describe John Malkovich.  He’s put down the movie script, stepped away from the movie sets, and has come away from his character roles to launch his new fashion line, “Technobohemian,” designed for the wealthy man who has an eye for fashion.  Photo from Centro internazionale di fotografia.

Apparently the aging Malkovich has been doing this for a long time, and has always been a man of fashion, creating attractive clothes, realizing that people wear what they want finding fashion to be nothing more than a freedom of self-expression.

Malkovich presented his clothing line on the eve of the Mercedes Benze Berlin fashion week Tuesday, July 6 where the media was in full spectrum focusing on his line and getting a closeup of the designer new trends for men’s fashion as fashion addicts travelled from all over the world to attend Germany’s iconic event.  He is as confident as a fashion designer as he is the American actor who has an eye for fashion flair, and was very well spoken when talking about his line.  Malkovich spoke about his fashion at “The Corner” which is said to be a block away from Berlin’s Bebelplatz, which is home to more than 40 catwalk shows.

It’s not unusual from a man of his valor to go from Hollywood actor to fashion designer.  Think of the many music artist have stepped away from their record labels to star in movies of all sorts.  Like Tyrese and gangsta rapper, Ice Cube, who are gracing the screen more than they are in a recording studio pumping out hit albums, with Ice Cube  going on to produce his own TV series, “Are We There Yet?” From the 2005 hit movie.  Let’s not forget wrestling star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who has put down his wrestling career to star in more movies — some better than others (the Scorpion King being my favorite).  So for an actor to come into the light of his true talent/calling should be no different.  The fashion industry is for a real treat!

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