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Music & Entertainment: The Braxton & Keys Collaboration

July 9, 2010

After digging around (or more looking snooping around) the internet, I’ve come across some rather interesting news that could very well, in my opinion, shake up the music industry. 

The word on the block is that the ever so beautiful and sexy Toni Braxton may be seeking out the fabulously talented, beautiful and also ever so sexy Alicia Keys for a collaboration on a remix project to her latest single, “Woman.”  I’ve heard the tune…it’s catchy at beast, but a remix with Alicia keys, with both of them sitting at pianos, could turn the entire song around.  I’m just as anxious to see this collaboration come to light!

Although this is looking like a grand possibility, the problem would come from scheduling difficulties.  Remember, Alicia Keys is about to have a baby, while Toni Braxton is about to launch her series, “Braxton Family Values,” slated for this fall.  While both the singing super stars have full plates, the question that remains is, how will they find the time to pull it off?

Although it’s not been confirmed, but this could be probably the best collaboration of this decade.  I’m just happy to see Toni Braxton back on top of her career.  For those of you who don’t know, the single, “Woman,” is from the latest release from Toni Braxton’s album, “Pulse:”…check it out if you haven’t already.  It’s not quite the Toni Braxton I’ve been use to from her first two albums, but there are some songs that make the album a keeper.  Her voice is still amazing!

Photo from 94.7 The Wave.

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