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People: What’s Next for Lohan?

July 9, 2010

Tuesday Lohan was handed down a 90-day jail sentence, after her probation was revoked, she burst into tears after hearing the sentence.   Hmm, with budget problems and prison over-crowding, how much time do you actually think she’ll do?  Article after article that I’ve read, and all the times she’s been in the news, one has to wonder where the problem really stems from — meaning where it really started.  I partly blame her family for mishandling their child, her career and her money.  I guess this is what happens when young kids become stars and there is money to be made when they are in leading rolls.  That’s just my opinion.

We have to admit that Lohan has struggled for a long time now and it’s not known if any amount of intervention is going to set the 24-year “Mean Girls” star straight once and for all.  Picture from Long Island Press.

The sad thing is through all of this, her star attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, shortly resigned her post from the case after citing the sentence handed down as being “harsh and unfair.”  In the meantime, Lohan’s been ordered to surrender herself on July 20 to begin her sentence.  And how long do you think she’ll actually do?  Remember, Paris Hilton didn’t serve out her entire sentence…oh, wait…she had the Hilton empire behind her — cha ching!  But no doubt, Lohan will have to do the full 90 days.  There’ll be one reason or another that she’ll get out prior to that time period.  However, regardless of how many days she does, she’s also ordered to check into a rehab where she is to remain for 3 months and report to a probation officer to be drug and alcohol tested.  But as I’ve been reading the most recent articles about her court appearance, and all the photos I’ve been looking at, it appears that Ms. Lohan had F*** U written on the finger nail of her middle finger on her left hand.  Not sure if that’s going to do anything for her. 

So what do you think?  Do you really think this experience of going to jail will finally straighten her out?

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