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This Week in Fashion: Colour Me Dior

July 12, 2010

“Oh, what colors have we sewn,” I said one early morning last week watching highlights from the recent Christian Dior runway fashion affair at the Paris Haute Couture Week. 

The designs are suitably described as garden-spawned fashion flairs that radiates from the most coloresque hues of vibrant colors playing on the blended shapes and styles of tulips and wide petal collars that oozed an essence of richness in silk and other fine fabrics.

To call it a RTW would be taking it over the top as it would appear that redefining how we see the Fall/Winter seasons, getting away from the tradition of what we’re used to seeing.  Did the designer dare to be bold?  Clearly an understatement of term if I were to have been there to view it for myself.  I would say he’s certainly raised several eyebrows with this collection.

John Galliano’s taste in designing women’s wear is quite unique.  He gets inside the minds of the most elaborately dressed women and define their most inner thoughts and ideas on what the best styles should be and how they should confirm to a woman’s image.

I love them all!  No real distinction on which is my favorite.  Certainly there are occasions for which these gowns can be worn for all to feast their eyes upon.

I’m no fashion expert, but beautiful for gowns for me comes natural and it appears that it was just a matter of time before the famed designers stretched his designing abilities beyond the wonders of fashion to create something so extravagantly designed.

Photos from The Purse Blog via Style.

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