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Don’t Get Mad, Go Shopping

July 21, 2010

Ladies, how many times have you been so mad that you just wanted to pull your hair out of your head?  How many times has your man done something that just made you want to scream and chow down on a half gallon of ice cream, or just basically eat everything in sight?  Let me ask you something, how did it make you feel in the end?  Did the problem go away, did it work itself out?  You were probably still mad as hell, weren’t you, now more than ever because now you’ve gorged yourself in food you didn’t really need or want?  Photo from

Over the past five or six years or so, I suffered with weight issues.  When I couldn’t get around my daughter’s school last year after she started high school, that was a wake up call for me.  Pin pointed the problem and dealt with it.  I was letting stress, frustration, and anger get the best of me and because of it, my weight suffered having gone from weighing 135 pounds to almost 170 pounds (you do the math).  I became my own enemy…eating when I was stressed, frustrated, or just down right mad, eating whenever to make the problem go away because I didn’t know how to handle the problems.  I stopped exercising, stopped paying attention to how I looked…it was a nightmare. 

Now having lost almost 15 pounds of that ungodly weight, I feel good, have more energy, exercise regularly.  How did I do it, I took control of my life!  I stopped letting anger, stress and frustration rule my days.  So…I started voicing myself on a regular basis, which has sent everyone into a tizzy, and I created a reserve stash account, which acts as my “Don’t Get Mad, Go Shopping” account, or otherwise known as my “Mad Money.”  Build it up and you’d be surprised at what you can buy!  It has saved many me from many arguments and has catered to some level of peace in my house…they just don’t realize it, though.  But I have noticed that when I leave the house being in one of my moods, they is a sigh of relief.

So, in the last few months I’ve been wanting to explode…nearly having had to go into my “Mad Money” to tend to household needs (pay bills, buy groceries…that sort of stuff) — not knowing when the boyfriend is going back to work.  Somebody on my Facebook page said something that hit a nerve.  She said something along the lines of, “treat yourself regardless…you only live once…enjoy it while you can.”  And it made me realize that as much as I love fashion and shoes, and I enjoy always looking my best, I should never short change myself.  HELLO!  What the hell was I thinking?  I’m back on track, HALLELUJA!  Got my spending money going back into my special account.  Breathing a lot easier than before, and not ready to snap at the drop of a dime.  It’s been a long time coming!

And to kick it off the event of rebuilding my “Mad Money” just nicely, the wedges you read about in my previous post are just the tipping of the iceberg. 

I recently broke a heel on my favorite black Michael Antonio heels the other day, so I thought, “hmm…break a heel on one pair of shoes, buy four new pairs of shoes to replace them.”  Starting with the wedges, of course.  From the wedges, I went on to explore other new styles and within a few short minutes of ordering the wedges I went on to order a pair of hot sexy teal 4 1/2-inch, patent leather high heel sandals.  It doesn’t stop there.  I got happy with it!

To really set the mood right, and to seal the deal, I added a pair of 5-inch strappy stiletto high heel sandals.  Oh yeah!  It doesn’t get any better than this.  And there was the pair of cute white flats I picked up to wear with my new skinny jeans and white sequined tank top I picked up earlier that Saturday afternoon, and early Sunday evening.  In addition to the skinny jeans and white sequined tank top I purchased, I also picked up a cute summer dress, a romper, and a white long tank tunic to wear with my black leggings.

$140 later (all the shoes and clothes were on sale), it felt good.  I felt extremely good inside about the clothes I picked up, and was excited about the shoes I was going to have delivered.  The shoes came from, which two pair of the shoes were rushed to me and got them on Tuesday, and getting the other two pair today (I ordered them Saturday afternoon).  With the weekend discount they had, and the three orders I placed, I received 90% off in discounts, 30% off each order.  You can’t beat that.  Would have paid more had I paid the full retail price for them, or had I gone else where.

Anger, if not dealt with, can be a silent killer, right up there with stress.  Although there are more reasonable and orthodox ways to deal with anger and stress, I choose shopping as one of my choices because it gets me out the house and where I live I have a number of options as to where I can go.  I’m surrounded by malls and boutiques that half the fun is deciding where to go. 

Shopping may not be for everyone, so if that’s not your thing, try a nice 45-minute to an hour walk which always helps for me when I can’t get out to go shopping, reading is always good, and indulging in a creative hobby helps to take your mind off of things.  If you have to eat munch on something, try healthy snacks like peanuts or fruit.  Whatever you do, stay away from late night eating…period!  But then again, shopping’s always fun!

So remember, don’t get mad, go shopping. 

If you’ve got the financial resources available, and you find that you’re just way too upset to just sit around the house and it’s a fairly nice day out, make a day of it…treat yourself.  Live a little.  Even if it means you have to keep a loaded credit card set aside just for when the occassion calls for it.  It’s having a “ME” day, too, that makes all the difference in the world. 

Live…Life…Laugh.  Don’t let anger and stress and frustration control you.

Shopping photo from Live Internet.

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