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Who Wore it Best: The Rhianna vs. J-Lo Dress-Off

July 25, 2010

Firs, the dress (picture from FashionBytes), a Lanvin gown from the Paris Spring 2010 collection. 

Next up, Rhianna was spotted wearing the frock just last week in West Hollywood at a dinner at AGO.  Still wearing the hot red hair, she dressed up the ensemble with a simple look of nude heels, hardly any makeup, and a simple belt.  But with her look, she can most definitely get away with skimping on the cosmetics while remaining stunning.

However, Jennifer Lopez was seen wearing the same dress in April in the UK at the premier of her movie, “The Back Up Plan.”  She graced the event wearing the Lanvin gown accentuated with a Jimmy Choo clutch back, Lanvin necklace and sexy heels by Ferragamo.  She looked as lovely as ever, topping the look with the beehive updo as worn by the runway model at the Paris Spring 2010 show. 

In all honesty, I’ve never been a true fan of Jennifer Lopez, although I am very familiar with how her career kicked off, all the same, she’s proven herself hand-over-fist as a great performer, actress and has tipped the scale with her fragrance.  I can say she’s up there with Beyonce although, sometimes to me it seemed to me that she was doing every thing possible to copy-cat the famed performer and former Destiny Childs member.

So the question remains.  Who wore it best.  Ok.  I’ve looked at both super stars to really pay attention to look and originality.  I am always in favor of the “Little Black Dress” but this is one I can say I’m not in favor of, but when you put two beautiful women in this dress, you have to wonder who went through the extra time and expense to make it look as elegant, more than the runway model. 

I’d have to give it up to J-Lo.  Jenny from the Block really went all out to give this dress elegance, pizzazz, and a hint of exquisiteness.  Although this was one black dress I must say I do not find attractive by any means, I’ll have to admit that in wearing the wide belt, black shoes, and going with the right hair style, J-Lo added extra spice to the dress.  Drawing the right attention to it.  Whereas with Rhianna choosing to go with nude colored shoes, a thin/narrow belt and her red hot hair, really brought down the value and elegance of the dress.

But don’t take my word for it.  I want to hear from my readers.  What do you think?

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