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Teal’s the Deal: A Look at the Color Teal in Today’s Fashion

July 29, 2010

I’ve only been wearing the color teal realistically for the last three years.  Although my favorite color is blue, teal is beginning to take a major front seat in terms of how we see fashion today.  And with the direction the fashion industry is heading, we are continuing to see a storm of bright and vibrant colors that not strictly gendered to one season, but are colliding into other seasons not likely to spread the wealth of summery and spring glee into fall and winter months were we focus on more darker colors that display the change of times through any given year.

Picture from Styles off the Runway.

Teal is one of those colors you have to really second guess how it should be worn, and since we are seeing more of its natural richness, know that it’s not as easy to dress it up and still maintain it’s vibrancy.  In its cross connections with green and blue it’s my opinion that to make the color “pop” it’s best to off set it with brown, tan, beige and ivory colors — they make the color stand out firmly, whereas, surrounding it in darker colors like darker blues, black and other dark colors can take away from the attractiveness of the color in mid stream.  Teal is redefining the color scheme of fashion.

And because there are so many styles now fashioning the color (i.e., suits, dresses, shoes, tops of all styles, undergarments, lingerie, etc.), we get vast ideas of how to dress it up to keep it fashionably fit and tasteful.  Picture also from Styles off the Runway.

There is a wrong way to wearing teal, such as matching it up with another harsh color.  In my opinion, teal can be best worn with a multiple teal top, teal shoes, or an ivory or beige top with ideal shoes to bring up the entire ensemble.  Black can be worn with teal, too, but you don’t want to be gaudy with it.  Keep it subtle to not take away from the color itself…speaking of wearing a teal skirt, that is. 

I would think it’s easy to wear teal pants, with the ease of being able to match up the right top or sweater.  Teal dresses shouldn’t be that difficult, but it can be tricky in choosing the right shoes and/or accessories.  There are more shoes in fabulous styles in teal, too.  Like these hot teal faux suede ruffle peep toe pumps.  I picked myself up a pair of teal high heel sandals for a sweet price to go nicely with a teal outfit I’ve just figure out how to match up without over dressing or undressing the color itself.  Picture from Amiclubwear.

HIP Girlie is truly setting trends with its powerful connection to the style files of teal’s runway approach to hot designs of women’s fall fashion.  Remember when I mentioned brown and tan colors can be best worn with teal, see the boots the model in the third picture on the right is wearing?  The designer really captured the colored and paid close attention to mixing and matching just right to not take the attention away from the style itself.  Very nicely done.

I could go on and on about the color teal.  It’s a unique color that deserves a fair shake in being worn properly with the right colors.


Updated Sunday, August 1, 2010

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